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The Nazi onslaught began on April 19 1943, as more than 2,000 Nazi troops moved in.

"The Germans weren't expecting resistance of any kind, let alone that we would take up arms," Edelman recalled recently.

With her he moved, still a child, to Warsaw, the city he always called home.

After she died when he was 14 he was looked after by other staff members at the hospital.

Though many of its tunnels were barely two feet high, and often booby-trapped, the sewer network had long proved a vital escape route.If they could reach the other side, the liaison men promised to shelter Edelman and his few remaining comrades.Accordingly, on the morning of May 10, as bemused passers-by looked on, Edelman and the filthy remnants of the ZOB emerged through a manhole in Warsaw proper.That, in any case, was the date marked on his official documents, but he freely admitted that he could not know for sure. "My father died when I was very little, I almost don't remember him at all.My mother died a few years later, so there was no one who could tell me when I was born." In fact he knew his mother, Cecylia, a hospital secretary, long enough to pick up on her political activism, and to follow her into the Bund, a Jewish socialist organisation.

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