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David Keirsey called it “Counselor” (or “Counsellor”) in his second book “Please Understand Me II”, but in his first book “Please Understand Me”, which he co-authored with Marilyn Bates”, he called it “Author”. Linda Berens in her “The Sixteen Personality Types” called this type “Foreseer Developer”. Niednagel called it “Creative Wordsmith” in his brain typing theory.Other names include “Adviser”, “Protector”, “The Advocate” and “Confidant”.Being intuitive means you tend to focus on patterns and possibilities rather than facts and details.Being feeling means you listen to your gut feelings and prioritize relationships with other people.

Once they make up their minds about something, they often can’t assess things objectively or see any conflicting information.

Another INFJ weakness is their extreme sensitivity to criticism.

INFJ Decision-Making When an INFJ has to make a decision, they consider their values first and foremost; a typical INFJ won’t do anything he or she believes isn’t right.

Caring, nurturing, understanding INFJ men and women often seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves.

The rarest type among men and the third least common type among women, we need more INFJs in our life! This scientifically validated test will help you find out.

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