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We have worked so hard to keep our wedding small and intimate and quite frankly don't want a stranger there. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're tempted by the idea of special occasion corsetry…

When it comes to gift-giving, the general consensus among my peers is that you give what you can, if you wish.

My sister wants us to invite her boyfriend's adult daughter to our wedding, even though we've never met her.

Her family already accounts for five invitations for her household already. Since most wedding dresses have some corset structures built into them, it's not surprising that some opt to go full steam and wear a "real" corset as a visible or foundation element to their wedding look.

At the end, they were sent off by a cascade of bubbles. Gretchen and Landen found an art gallery as their venue so their decor was already mostly set and amazing.

They really wanted to showcase the venue with it's displayed art pieces and graffiti.

These aren't your mama's wedding rings (unless your mama's into skulls! ), but when we are, we have to be prepared to be blown away.

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Both of them slayed their vows and speeches (both funny and sweet as hell! I have heard it told that when a hairless cat watches you get ready for your wedding, you're in for a lifetime of good luck. You'll be enthralled by the many motorcycles and vans, casual cowboy chic, the vintage-fab ladies arriving in a classic car, and the pops of red everywhere. We've been chatting with our DJ partner, Bay Area-based DJ Greg Gioia, about how he manages to seamlessly blend danceable and familiar hits with his clients' favorite independent and offbeat music.

Then something clicked for our theme: inspired by a wall in our home covered in fictional maps. Ashley channeled a bohemian goddess from head to gold-toe Doc Martens, and Dave rocked his tux with his signature fully ringed fingers.

The ceremony was performed by a family friend, surrounded by a small group of family and friends in the stunning atrium.

Some of them are sticklers for the traditional (and comfortably middle-class) notion of extensive and expensive gifts at shower, hen party, and wedding.

It's generous, but also uncomfortable, at odds with our values, and not always string-free. While there are lots of invitations designers who either already produce accessible wedding invitations or can easily customize them for you, my first thought actually went to a video invitation!

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