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We say it is affectionately called the Pattaya Darkside because of the lack of bright city lights.Years ago it was called the dark side simply because of the lack of street lighting.The three major sois where the bars are located are, beginning at the south, Soi Khaotalo, Soi Khaonoi (Soi Watboonsampa) and Soi Nemplabwan.

Buakhao is my favorite area for happy ending massages in Pattaya.

There are more than 60 bars shown on the bar hopping map. Some of the bars are grouped together but to get around to several bars on the darkside you will need to have transport such as a car or motorbike.

That said there are motorbike taxis on the darkside so if you don't mind spending 40 to 60 baht for a motor bike taxi fare between bars go for it.

Want to know the correct Thai pronunciation of the sois by a Thai National? Some of the more popular bars shown on the darkside map include: The Black Pearl has had a name change and become a White Oyster.

It is this bar, where for a small token of appreciation, say 100 to 200 baht, the girls will gear off and jump into the indoor pool with you.

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