Ntpdate not updating time

(The point is that you let Jenkins run this command, as Jenkins uses this stdin/stdout as the communication channel to the agent.

Because of this, running this manually from your shell will do you no good). Such an approach eliminates the updating issue discussed below.

It will serve all HTTP requests, and it can still build projects on its own.

Once you install a few agents you might find yourself removing the executors on the master in order to free up master resources (allowing it to concentrate resources on managing your build environment) but this is not a necessary step.

For Windows agents, Jenkins can use the remote management facility built into Windows 2000 or later (WMI DCOM, to be more specific.) In this set up, you'll supply the username and the password of the user who has the administrative access to the system, and Jenkins will use that remotely create a Windows service and remotely start/stop them.

This is the most convenient set up on Windows, but does not allow you to run programs that require display interaction (such as GUI tests).

There are various ways to start agents, but in the end the agent and Jenkins master need to establish a bi-directional communication link (for example a TCP/IP socket) in order to operate.

Follow the Step by step guide to set up master and slave machines on Windows to quickly start using distributed builds.

So, before attempting to create the build agent, head into manage .

Jenkins supports the "master/agent" mode, where the workload of building projects are delegated to multiple "agent" nodes, allowing a single Jenkins installation to host a large number of projects, or to provide different environments needed for builds/tests.

This document describes this mode and how to use it.

This is the most convenient and preferred method for Unix agents, which normally has sshd out-of-the-box.

Click Manage Jenkins, then Manage Nodes, then click "New Node." In this set up, you'll supply the connection information (the agent host name, user name, and ssh credential).

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