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Doesn't she think that people her age are struggling with self-esteem because of a torrent of media images that promote feelings of inadequacy? "When people see things on TV that they can't do," she ventures, "that should make them want to go out there and make something of themselves.

That's how I looked at it."The very first low, aching "Ooh bay-by bay-by" that Britney Spears whispered into the public's ear strongly suggested that this wasn't your average seventeen-year-old.

"Teens don't have an attention span anymore," says Daly, 25.

"They just want to feel good for those four minutes, then go hit the Internet.

But for all the fan-mag prose that greeted Spears' explosive marketplace entry, we know precious little about her beyond an image that hints at several stereotypes.

turn right when you pass the Burning Bush."The Burning Bush? MTV VJ Carson Daly is intimately acquainted with the habits of teenagers — not just through dating the newly twenty-year-old scream queen Jennifer Love Hewitt but via his stewardship of the station's afternoon call-in and e-mail show, .

"You want to be a good example for kids out there and not do something stupid," Spears says.

"Kids have low self-esteem, and then the peer pressures come and they go into a wrong crowd.

Baby One More Time" — –and that ellipsis tells a tale.

The three dots mask a chorus hook line — "Hit me, baby" — –that some have taken as a masochistic come-on.

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