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The samples were again irradiated in the laboratory using a technique called the additive dose method.“We added radiation to the material and measured the rise in the dosimetric signal,” Baffa explained.Her supervisor was then Oswaldo Baffa, Full Professor at the University of São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto School of Philosophy, Science & Letters (FFCLRP-USP).“We used a technique known as electron spin resonance spectroscopy to perform retrospective dosimetry.“The results confirm its feasibility and open up various possibilities for future research that may clarify details of the nuclear attack.” The equipment used in the investigation was purchased during a project coordinated by Baffa and supported by FAPESP.Origins In the 1970s, when he was teaching at the University of São Paulo’s São Carlos Physics Institute (IFSC-USP), Mascarenhas discovered that X-ray and gamma-ray irradiation made human bones weakly magnetic.U gaat akkoord met dit cookiegebruik door hieronder op “akkoord” te klikken of door verder gebruik te blijven maken van Procuradoria Geral do Estado de Rondônia (PGE-RO) é o órgão responsável pela representação judicial e consultoria jurídica do Estado de Rondônia.

Mascarenhas brought the samples to Brazil, where they remain.

“About half that dose, or 5 Gy, is fatal if the entire body is exposed to it,” he said.

The value was comparable with the doses obtained by other techniques applied to non-biological samples, such as measurement of the luminescence of quartz grains present in brick and roof tile fragments found at the bomb sites.

“I discovered that we could use this property to perform radiation dosimetry and began using the method in archeological dating,” Mascarenhas recalled.

His aim at the time was to calculate the age of bones found in sambaquis (middens created by Brazil’s original inhabitants as mounds of shellfish debris, skeletons of prehistoric animals, human bones, stone or bone utensils, and other refuse) based on the natural radiation absorbed over centuries via contact with elements such as thorium that are present in the sand on the seashore.

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