My friend is dating a heroin addict

When she told us about this she said she didn't think she was going to go on a date with him as she had never even known anyone who was involved with any kind of drugs let alone someone who was in the process of getting clean.

If someone seeks them out for violence, and you are with them, you may get killed or hurt or become involved in something you don't want to be involved in. my son put us all in danger by having drug dealers come to my home looking for money, threatened my family poured paint on 2 cars and ultimately stabbed my son in my backyard. if you are with this person and there is any involvement with illegal activities you run the risk of being pulled into very bad situations yourself.

Although she has continued to self harm it is no where near as frequently as when she was at her lowest, and she can now recognise the triggers that make her want to self harm and is slowly learning to control it.

She now attends group therapy meetings (although she has skipped quite a few), and during those meetings she became close with a guy she met there, she mentioned told us that they were getting on really well and that he had asked her out a few times.

then there's drug dealers, other unsavory characters, and let's not forget the potential for arrest.

if they are a drug addict being WITH them WHILE they use really sends the wrong message.......

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