Mphinv log not updating

If your device appears in i Tunes, you can configure sync options, and you can sync content, the process is complete.

Leave your device connected to i Tunes and wait for the migration process to finish.

If you're updating over the air, connect your device to a power source so that it won't run out of power during this process.

If your device runs out of power, connect it to a power source and turn on the device to let the update or restore complete.

When this occurs, the progress bar might be moving very slowly or seem like it isn't moving.

Let the device complete the update, restore, or erase process. The amount of time depends on the number of files on the device and whether you're erasing, updating, or upgrading your i OS.

# # Here you can see queries with especially long duration #log_slow_queries = /var/log/mysql/#long_query_time = 2 #log-queries-not-using-indexes # # The following can be used as easy to replay backup logs or for replication.

# - The error log is obsolete, messages go to syslog now.

In some cases, you may see the progress bar complete, then start again.

I have issues where the configuration manager CAS server is showing the clients as "Pending System Restart".

Then restart the sms service and re-run your cycle (software update, etc).

If you are a web developer, you need to refer to various log files, in order to debug your application or improve its performance. Concerning the famous My SQL database server (or Maria DB server), you need to refer to the following log files: This article does not refer to The Binary Log.

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