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I just wonder if any one else has such recollections that they care to admit to, or if it may be of interest to people who only know the Internet and are frustrated by it's shortcomings.

I don't think Ii'm any different from most people...

The internet, and online version that that same company now offers, are no different to what was offered back then.But sometimes you would only have a phone number, so it was cold calling or nothing.I'm quite shy, and often would have to be half pissed before I could make the first call, which might not have made the desired impression.I send out a lot of messages that are just chatty, but there is the occasional one that seems important..see it has been read, and wait for the reply..wait!But you know it has been read, and after some time know whether a reply is likely. Sounds like the internets a big improvement, at least with these sites one can pop in and have a look without commiting themselves to anything.

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