Melody thornton dating anyone

Its release was delayed, however, because of Johnny Otis's assertion that he should share in the authors' rights.Although Thornton had the original, Elvis did not base his version on hers.

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Although released in 1953, the original recording was actually made in 1952.

For a long time I had doubts as to whether Jimmie Rodgers Snow or Red Sovine was responsible for the original of "How Do You Think I Feel." Both artists had singles with the song in 1954, but it was indeed Red Sovine who recorded the original version on 12 January, 1954.

This recording was released as a single in April 1954 on Decca 29068.

Perri Kiely has transformed from dating novice to dating supremo, but has he chosen the right girl?

Plus, the female celebrity clients, Jorgie Porter, Ferne Mc Cann and Melody Thornton, have all had dating ups and downs.

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