Mcafee keeps updating when computer restarts

When did you first notice this issue happening on your phone?

Was it around the same time that you downloaded an application?

When using the phone will it just turn itself off randomly? Sometimes when this happens the device won’t even power on again unless the battery is pulled out and put back in or a simulated battery pull is performed.

This article will go over some things that can be done to get this issue resolved and hopefully allow for a more permanent solution and prevent your android phone from powering itself off.

Hi Deus, Hard to say for sure, sometimes apps may not play well with each other but usually phones don’t just crash as soon as you start to download them…

Sometimes phones malfunction too though; they work perfectly and all of a sudden DEAD.

Did this happen after upgrading your Android phone to a more up to date Android Operating System?

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Don’t worry though there is still hope, you just got to clean the phone up a bit by performing a reset.

An app on the phone might not be getting along with the new Operating System and that might be what’s causing the problem.

Go through and remove some apps, try the phone, remove some apps, try it, until there are no more apps that you personally downloaded on the device.

Before going into your settings and factory data resetting your device I recommend you read How to backup and reset an Android phone for a guide on how to backup your important information first. If for some mysterious reason the Factory Data Reset doesn’t fix the phone, you’ve tried using the phone after the reset with no third party applications and as a clean install, your phones software is up to date, you tried a different battery, and your phone is still powering off for no apparent reason what so ever then your phone is defective and I recommend you read I can’t fix my phone now what should I do for some suggestions.

Because a reset sets the phone back to how it was when it came off the shelf. Otherwise enjoy your working phone, thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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