Mayor antonio villaraigosa dating black single fathers dating

Newsom also declared publicly that he would seek treatment for alcohol abuse.

Listen to KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier’s reports LIVE on KCBS All News 740 AM and 106.9 FM Mondays through Fridays at AM and PM or listen to the podcasts ANYTIME posted here daily.Newsom said that Siebel, whose films focus on themes of women empowerment and equality, has played a role in his own evolution on the issue of harassment.In 2012, Siebel was one of the executive producers of The Invisible War, an award-winning documentary film about sexual assault in the US military.Rippey-Tourk, who worked for Newsom as his appointments secretary, left her job in 2006 to seek treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.Her departure fueled speculation that she was forced out after rumors about her relationship with the then-mayor were making the rounds at City Hall.

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