Match users browsers while validating

When users try to connect to a web application, logs record failed authentication events.

If you use tools that Microsoft provides and use a systematic approach to examine failures, you can learn about common issues that relate to claims-based authentication and resolve them.

To obtain detailed and definitive information about a failed authentication attempt, you have to find it in the Share Point ULS logs.

These log files are stored in the %Common Program Files%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\LOGS folder.

This information about Share Point 2010 applies also to Share Point 2013.

The following steps can help you determine the cause of failed claims authentication attempts.

You can find the failed authentication attempt in the ULS log files either manually or you can use the ULS Log Viewer.

If you use AD FS for SAML-based claims authentication, you can enable AD FS logging and use Event Viewer to examine the claims for security tokens that Share Point Server issues.The following procedure configures Share Point Server to log the maximum amount of information for claims authentication attempts.To configure Share Point Server for the maximum amount of user authentication logging To optimize performance when you are not performing claims authentication troubleshooting, follow these steps to set user authentication logging to its default values.To verify the authentication configuration for a web application or zone Note If you use Fiddler, the authentication attempt can fail after requiring three authentication prompts.To prevent this behavior, see Using Fiddler With SAML and Share Point to Get Past the Three Authentication Prompts.

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