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He was involved in the witness protection of the Russian spy Mr. ) Would you have any pictures of him, or is there ANY WAY I can get his Regimental Badge? Take care Joe and thanks for all the work you do with the RCMP Graves.

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The next year, he co-founded the Vancouver, British Columbia-based 604 Records.

I have more details of his death that I uncovered from a news paper of the time. Rachel Williams, Saanichton, BC [[email protected]] Hi Joe; Just a note to accompany my father's death notice, which is already on your registry.

It is dated Sept 10, 1887 and there are details on how this member died. My name is Michael Gibbs and I am a Superintendent in the RCMP posted in Saskatoon.

He still has two daughters that are alive and I forwarded the article to them. You have put in tremendous time and effort to your Volunteer commitments so it is great to see that you are being rewarded for your efforts. Frank and Denise Richter [email protected] Joe: A simple note to tell you that once again your wonderful remembrance web site has solved a mystery for me and given me just a little more of an appreciation of both past Members and your efforts. Don Harrison, C/722 (Ret’d) [email protected] Joe Just want to say that your web site on the RCMP graves data base is really well done and a wealth of information. I can spend hours looking through all what is there but I have to go to work tonight.

I’ve been assisting with the Musical Ride’s Sunset Ceremonies for years, first while serving and now as a volunteer in retirement. " Now, thanks to you, I know they were Members killed on duty and honoured by having the ‘N’ Div. I am a regular member Cpl at the Battlefords Rural Detachment.

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