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The seeds are powdered either by roasting them first in a dry skillet or without roasting them. They sit on the shelves too long and lose all its freshness.

The roasted seeds powdered have a darker shade and a different flavor than the other. Coriander seeds are ground to make coriander powder. Grind up coriander seeds at home in a spice or coffee grinder and store in airtight containers for a couple of months.

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These seeds are the dry seeds of the regularly used fresh cilantro/coriander.What we have here is a general spread, used by all in every state. These spices below should be readily available in most grocery stores, or Whole Food stores, except for the.However this initial funky pungent smell mellows and almost disappears, replaced by a smooth pleasant flavor when it is added to hot oil or ghee.Often times a few bits of broken sticks are added as the oil heats up; this way the oil is flavored and the food is cooked in this fragrant oil. Clove is mostly used to flavor spicy food where the whole clove is cooked in oil or ghee.Sometimes it is dry roasted in a skillet before cooking, which intensifies the aroma. The fully-grown, unopened buds, are picked green and dried in the sun till they become dark brown and are ready to be used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Clove is also a part of Garam Masala in the ground form.

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