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A starry-eyed Jordan, then aged 12, was ushered in to meet Jackson - undisputedly the world's biggest pop star - and the singer was immediately smitten.

Within days, he began phoning Jordan, spending up to three hours making small-talk with him and inviting him to Neverland, his fantasy ranch, a two-hour drive up the coast.

Even when June caught Jackson and Jordan snuggled up in bed together, she believed a tearful Jackson when he swore that nothing untoward had taken place.

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They prefer to believe that Mr Chandler, then a respectable and affluent Los Angeles dentist, invented a lurid story of sexual abuse (and persuaded his son to corroborate it) as part of a lucrative blackmail plot.

'There have been all these reports saying that Evan and Jordy had retracted [the abuse allegations]. My brother always maintained that his son molested.' In recent years, however, Raymond Chandler says he watched his once-ambitious, creative and zestful brother become an increasingly 'sad, lonely guy'.

And he traces his brother's demise - and that of the entire Chandler clan - to the spring of 1992, when Jackson first met Jordan. As the singer was being chauffeured through Santa Monica, near Los Angeles, his limousine broke down and his driver sought help at the nearby depot of car-hire company Rent-A-Wreck. He had married the boy's mother, June, a striking former model, after her 11-year marriage to Evan Chandler ended in 1985.

As he never had any visitors, his body might have lain undiscovered for days, had he not missed an important medical appointment, prompting his doctor to raise the alarm. Among the Jackson faithful, Evan Chandler is the devil incarnate.

And although he was the father of three children and hailed from a large and prominent Jewish family, only the crematorium staff were there to see the curtains close on his coffin when he was cremated a few days ago. For in 1993, it was he who first exposed the King of Pop as a common paedophile by revealing how Jackson had sexually abused his son, Jordan, then aged 13.

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