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When an effective live stream is executed, the customer is able to connect with the company in a human way through brand storytelling. Q & A’s are almost always a good idea for big brands and corporations.

Depending on which platform is being used, small businesses might encounter a lack of quality questions from viewers if their social media following is not significant.

Go over the details of the product and/or service, and then talk about how it will benefit the viewer.

A behind the scenes look at an employee on the job is a great way to build a strong connection between the brand and customer.

Establish a few goals that directly benefit your brand’s reputation prior to filming, Notify everyone involved about your plan for the live stream, but be sure to mention that there will be some improvisation as well. Remember, spontaneity is great only if it’s helping to accomplish your goals for the live stream.

A bit of pre-production planning along with the ability to improvise creates a livestream that is both entertaining and valuable to your customers. Setting up a Q & A is one of the best ways to get viewer engagement.

Live streaming video has become a popular addition to the social media landscape in recent years.

These videos should be well rehearsed, concise, and engaging throughout.

Running a contest during a live stream is a great way to excite your customer base.

Trivia about your company and lotteries with existing customer base are just a few ideas that can be executed during a live steam.

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Now you can communicate with your entire organization over the internet using video.

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