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Because the children in this area live by the garbage dumps, the program curricula in the education center will also incorporate environmental education and safety precautions.

Children will be taught daily hygiene for themselves and their homes as well as and protection against high levels of contamination.

The board game was distributed in all secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria and targeted at grade 6-9.

In order to make the school safer and healthier, Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School is combining various preventive methods against offences, use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, violence against peers and teachers, delinquency, and social help for children.

These will include creating environmental brigades, talking community walks, and having athletic competitions.

As one of the goals of the project proposed by parents, the community would like to have an educative center in the Kara Kara neighborhood to provide education for each grade.

This document also serves as a basis for the team activity.

The school is implementing various preventive projects: Programme of prevention of use of psychoactive substances Sight, Programme of children and youth socialization Elder Friend, Programme of children and youth socialization (summer vacation time) Strengthening Oneself by Knowing, Preventive programme Mentor, Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme.

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Instalments had been broadcast in two different versions, one lasting 30 minutes on Rai 3 and the other lasting 45 minutes via satellite.

The Labor Welfare counters the rise of unhealthy behaviours and health disorders with the countrywide health initiative "I live a healthy life".

The initiative closely corresponds to the health-aim of the Saxon Social Ministry "Growing up healthy in day-care-centers".

In 2002, Ispesl findings have shown that home accidents exceeded 3.5 millions, and the greatest number of victims were children in the age bracket 0-14. However, the youngest are at risk also in the road, at school and in the park.

Thus, the ten instalment will explore important issues, such as home, nutrition, school, environment and the road.

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