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Then on a test basis convert 10% of the file and calculate how long the actual conversion of all files will take.

With SQL systems in large multichannel environments this may take days to convert customer files. More testing: Do volume testing with website and call center phone orders to get a feel for how the system will respond when processing actual transaction volumes.

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Who does what: Have agreement on the conversion process and everyone’s go live responsibilities.

OK from the top: Senior management and department management should sign off only after they’ve reviewed their respective processes and testing results and agree that all critical processes are ready.

Allow critical feedback from the rank and file: Most importantly, create an open communication environment where your employees are empowered and have the courage to say, “No, we’re not ready.” For sure, there is intense pressure when you miss a go live date, as this means incurring additional project costs and taxing limited resources.

But the situation becomes much worse when the switch is flipped before you’re ready, in the process risking the company’s profitability, reputation and customer relationships.

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