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Below are 5 ways to create a clean love slate so that you can attract the relationship that you want.

And I’ve even thrown in a bath ritual for each of these 5 steps to go with this washing analogy, since my upcoming book, ‘The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit’ is out this summer.– Sometimes we harbor feelings of hurt, betrayal and limiting beliefs from past relationships gone awry.

It’s important to work them through so that you can invite new love in without baggage.

In The Book of Sacred Baths there’s a bath ritual where you can wash away your ex by imagining all the negative feelings going down the drain.

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In the same manner, understand what your business stands for and use relevant shapes or icons to give out that message in as simple a way as possible.

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How is your website or application different and what are the services that you offer? It’s a time of new beginnings, clean slates and spring flings.But before you can move forward, sometimes you have to look back.A dating and matchmaking website is a place that people go to, to look for love and companionship.The first step to creating the perfect logo is to fully understand your business venture.

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