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or theguy sitting down next to you calmly chatting with you lovingly. How their hair looks, wether they have lovely skin, If you like their smile, If they're funny or caring.

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the golden rule is you DON'T tell your guy friends afterwardswhat the girl has shared with you. I'm sure EVERYgirl in the world would appreciate someone special telling themthat, it just makes our day a whole lot better. I'm positive when I say this - NO girl wants to be asked out byanother guy for another person, it's just plain wrong.

Don't always hug or touch her because she may not like huggingbecause she gets hugged all the time.

Uhm I saw pics on soshified yesterday and my heart kinda died a little LOL, i wish i could keep taetae to myself but shes human do i want her to die alone?

Early 2017, G-Dragon became involved in a dating scandal with former f(x)‘s Sulli, over some pictures that seemingly captured what is a “couple’s ring” on the stars’ fingers.

This rumor surfaced shortly after Sulli had broken up with her ex-boyfriend of three years, Choiza, and she made everyone curious by uploading pictures of herself with who seems to be G-Dragon’s manager.

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