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A Survival Guide To Letting Go", "When He Can't Commit: What To Do When You Fall For An Ambivalent Man", "Don't Lose That Man!

How Women Sabotage Their Opportunities For Successful Romantic Relationships And What They Can Do To Change", "Portrait of My Desire", "A Teenagers Memoir" and the "Don't Text That Man! Rhonda has an international private psychotherapy practice based out of New York where she has practiced for over twenty years.

Once my daughter was old enough, I made the choice to go back to school and entered a master’s program and received a Masters of Social Work from the prestigious University of Southern California.

I am also an expert and published author on the subjects of parenting, single parenting, divorce, and relationships. I also facilitated life coaching on their subsequent spin off Sober House and Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction where I worked with Love Addicts such as Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Wood's mistress and Model Amber Smith .

Rhonda offers audio advice as well as meditations to help you fully step out of emotionally unhealthy relationships. It even helped me to be more aware that I was about to get involved in a very unhealthy relationship. I am very impressed." - Zan "Today I came back and started re-reading the course.

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If you believe you are a Love Addict, take my "Are you a Love Addict Quiz" and get your free E Book:"Filling the Empty Heart:5 Keys to Transforming Love Addiction."With over fifteen years of experience as a clinician, I have worked at some of the top rehabilitation centers around such as the famed Promises Treatment Center in Malibu.Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you." - Rhonda Rhonda Findling is a psychotherapist and the author of Don't Text That Man!A Guide To Self-Protective Dating In The World Of Technology", "Don't Call That Man!I am a contributing author to the book “Chicken Soup For the Soul: Tough Times Tough People” which highlights how a person can follow their dreams and succeed as I have highlighted my struggles from single parenting to a successful media expert, psychotherapist, and life coach. During my filming of the series, I used my trademark sensitivity and compassion to help troubled cast members as they transitioned into their new sober lives with psychotherapy and life coaching tips.Sherry most recently appeared on the Robert Irvine Show, CNN Headline News, Fox San Diego News, Better TV, WPIX New York, CNN Prime News, Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell on HLN, Showbiz Tonight, Joy Behar on HLN, the Bio Channel: The Tragic Side of Fame and E!

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