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](from Centric's press release, April 2014) ACCORDING TO HIM & HER - "According to Him & Her" approaches timely topics involving relationships, friendships, dating and sex in a "he said, she said" battle of the sexes. ]drama based on the Dutch series about two unique souls in New York City drawn together by fate.

Both struggle with feelings of isolation heightened by living in a city with 8.5 million people[what's it about?

]drama about a young female FBI agent who, after a series of devastating, high-tech attacks on the government, pursues the smartest and deadliest domestic terrorist in American history: her own mother[what's it about? ] · Brian Patrick Wade as TBA · Charlie Robinson as TBA · Cybill Shepherd as Mae Turner · Joel Mc Crary as Tank Mc Gee · Lauren Stamile as Emma Lawson · Leslie Jordan · Robyn Lively as Gina Turner [what's it about? ]supernatural drama at set in a roadside motel in the middle of nowhere that doubles as purgatory, where the recently deceased are given a chance to revisit episodes from their past as a way of finding closure and paying off their karmic debts before ... ](from BET's press release, January 2010) During the last season of SUNDAY BEST, television's # 1 gospel singing competition series, Latice Crawford and Jeff Spain, two of the top 10 finalists met on the set and have been inseparable ever since. Every day, she takes on the demands of being a successful lawyer, a committed PTA mother and a loving wife to her stay-at-home husband. ](from Discovery, Inc.'s press release, April 2018) With a joy and passion larger than life, Amanda Giese tackles and treats the most seemingly hopeless animals in her Washington state home, animals that others would have given up on. ](from Sony Crackle's press release, April 2018) Follow Coby Toland, Nitro Circus' Am BADASSador, as he tours the world giving you an inside look at all things BADASS about Nitro Circus.[what's it about?

](from History's press release, March 2017) "Alliance" takes the viewer inside the summits between Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin as they strategize the campaign to win World War II. ](from Lifetime's press release, April 2009) Alligator Point, starring Cybill Shepherd (The L Word), follows the life and times of an eccentric group of Floridians whose lives change when a "Yankee" becomes part of their disjointed family. ]adult CG-animated series set in a city populated by living, breathing stuffed animals; the story concerns a reformed Teddy Bear who is pulled back into the criminal underworld when his former boss enlists him for an impossible new job[what's it about? ](from AMC's press release, July 2017) Atari, Mario Brothers, Call of Duty.

After contemplating taking his own life, he decides instead to live long enough to punish the world by saying and d... ]drama about an unconventional team within the FBI that uses the six-hour window between clinical death and cellular death to solve murders by entering the memories of the recently deceased[what's it about?

](from Netflix's press release, August 2017) Set in the busy and colourful city of New Delhi, detective series Again tells the story of a female homicide detective who must put her career and life on the line when a recent murder connects to closed ca... ](from AMC's press release, July 2017) Julia's world is shifted, literally, when a shocking fact is made public: Earth's rotation is suddenly, dramatically and inexplicably slowing down. ](from Science's press release, April 2011) Every backyard inventor has a million-dollar idea. ](from Sci Fi's press release) Alien Invasion is a hilarious and innovative computer-animated comedy from Dave Goetsch (Executive Producer/Showrunner, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Creator/Executive Producer, Game Over.) Blending CG animation with live-actio... ]revival of the 1988 feature film-turned-cult television series about the partnership between a veteran cop and his alien detective partner whose race is attempting to assimilate into earth society[what's it about?

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As the days and nights grow longer and longer, gravity is affect... ](from Sundance's press release, February 2010) Brian Stark's Brand Equity Showroom is an agency representing men's and women's contemporary and street wear designers, including Bench, Degaine and Fidelity Denim. They often pour everything they have into turning their dreams into a prototype. ](from Starz's press release, April 2013) Starz announced today that it will develop a new original drama series from "Newsroom" writer Gideon Yago with Executive Producer Rob Tapert. ]drama based on Joseph Fink's podcast/upcoming novel, which follows Keisha as she traverses the country as a truck driver, searching for her wife Alice, whom she had long assumed was dead; as the miles pile up, so do the mysteries. ](from Science's press release, April 2014) Are we the only ones looking up at the stars and wondering what is out there? ](from Syfy's press release, April 2014) Alive and Alone (WT) - Alive and Alone is a first-person POV survival show where, each episode, the "lone survivor" of a remote disaster must use wits, along with whatever can be carried from the wreckage, to m... ](from Bravo's press release, September 2012) Produced by Fox Television Studios.

AGENT OF INVENTION follows the man that can make these dreams come true. "Airborne" is a coming of age story set at the dawn of the Vietnam ... ](from Netflix's press release, May 2018) Ru Paul stars as Ruby Red, a bigger-than-life but down-on-her-luck drag queen who travels across America from club to club in a rundown 1990's R/V with her unlikely sidekick AJ, a recently orphaned, tough-talki... ]a new dramedy about a group of unrelated people in the f.b.i.'s witness protection program that are thrown together as a "family" in order to make it harder for the bad guys to find them[what's it about? ](from ABC Family's press release, March 2014) "Alice in Arabia" is a high-stakes drama series about a rebellious American teenage girl who, after tragedy befalls her parents, is unknowingly kidnapped by her extended family, who are Saudi Arabian. On a distant planet, are other creatures asking the same questions and having the same dreams of finding the answers? Executive-produced by Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz and Andrew Miano for Depth of Field. Three years set in distinctive decades that changed the cultural landscape of the country forever.

Together with her best Fuzzly friend Bozzly, Abby go... ] · Eric Fellner as EP · Jane Rosenthal as EP · Ken Kwapis as DIR (Pilot) · Liza Chasin as EP · Matthew Carlson as CRTR/EP · Nick Hornby as BOOK · Robert De Niro as EP · Tim Bevan as EP [what's it about?

]futuristic thriller about the denizens of a remote mining colony who discover a dangerous new species on a moon of Jupiter, setting off the first stage of an alien invasion ultimately heading for Earth[what's it about?

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