Is nat dating rosilina ray lewis dating

in which she actually dates Shrek in the body of Atso (an obese second grader), just because she thought Atso's body was sexy and forced Mario to say sorry even though it was her own fault Mario break up with her. She also takes care of Jeffy with Mario as a parental guardian. The only time Rosalina gets frustrated with Jeffy was in Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!

Rosalina truly loves Mario and has a strong bond with him. Nowadays, Rosalina rarely gets really irritated with him being mean to Jeffy, though. , she gets mad at Mario for his heartlessness and breaks up with him on the spot. when she forced him to eat his peas, but Jeffy demanded Marshmallows instead.

There were also times when Rosalina was theorized to have broken up with Mario, but they remain together to this day, and she was super excited to get proposed to.

Laat jij onze bijzondere cliënten ..Met jouw respectvolle en open basishouding naar anderen, help jij onze cliënten om zo goed mogelijk deel te nemen aan de samenleving. Daarom ben jij de Begeleider niveau 3 die wij zoeken voor onze locatie Brugsestraat.

D-Money broke up with her since she was being dragged along with him too much.

Her parents had preferred her dating him instead of Mario. Pig • Peach • Thomas • Ken • Patrick • Pink Yoshi • Principal Steinbeck • Harold Wilfred • Judy • Donkey Kong • Diddy Kong • Hansel • Kirby • Chris the Cucumber • Felipe • The Rat • Emily Coleman • Link • Samantha • Wario • Waluigi • Simmons • Brooklyn Guy's Wife • Tyreese • Tom Brady • Mr.

This revealed that Rosalina can also be hypocritical, as she criticized Mario for lying, even though Rosalina lied to the police that Mario likes to beat Jeffy all the time.

Furthermore, Rosalina was with Mario the whole day, leaving there no time for Mario to call a prostitute.

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