Is hermione and ron dating

As a kid, I was vaguely disappointed, without knowing exactly how to put it into words — but as an adult, looking back at all the circumstances in their courtship, I'm stunned.

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More than that, they feel it's their obligation to "fix" their Ron, as we saw with Hermione time and time and time again — which is harmful to them both.

But it isn't just the familiar and disappointing relationship dynamic between Ron and Hermione that is cause for worry.

By presenting a character we admire in a situation like this, it makes it more acceptable in the mainstream and in our own lives.

But we are instead introduced to a Ron who not only hasn't changed, but apparently gets drunk on the regular, including during his own wedding. A Ron who gives teenagers love potions and makes suggestive comments about a young woman who is most certainly not his wife.

A Ron as uncompromising and quick to anger as he was in school, if not more so.

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