Intimidating boy names

Artemis is the goddess of hunt so If your dog likes to catch stuff call her Artemis.Athena is the goddess of wisdom so if your dog is smart call her Athena.You are spot on with your comment about ignorant breeders - sadly, they are still doing this and it probably will never stop.

For this reason we feel that they are just perfect! It can be tough to pick the right name for your baby because there are so many things to consider... Of course that is what they were originally bred for - a companion dog to serve and protect it's family. Hera Aphrodite(afro-dit-e) Athena Bellona Diana Freya Gaia Helios Iris Isis Juturna Kirshna Liza Luna Maia Min Mercury Nanna Ostara Phoebe Quetzalcoatl Rhea Shiva Sin Tianhou Utu Vesta Xipe Ymir Zea :// I got most from there Beautiful 7 yr old rescued, 110 lb, 100% purebred pit bull.Strong, friendly, protective yet lives to cuddle with those he knows. As for the name, he's wise beyond his years and the only thing I can say is it just fits him!You can read more about those guidelines at https://In the meantime, please visit our related site Verywell Family for reliable advice about parenting and pregnancy.

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