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Cathy Cotgrave - material witness ID'd all accused. Port Hope Julie Joncas - material witness , she conflicted with Stewart Not present at time of shooting. Question re threaatening phone calls, someone shot up Lawrence's car before he was to testify. Susan Foote Cathy Cotgrave married Doug Peart, then separated. Over the past 18 months I have repeatedly urged resolution to this case. The applicants were convicted of murder for their respective roles in the shooting death of Mr. Aselstine (waitress- ), 2 plates for Leo Powell, (Proprietor of The Walton, home-4 Silver Cres. Patterson (529 Birkdale Street, Oshawa), and Frew Farms Limited. October 26, 1991 PM Mick Lowe 705-969-7213 no answer as in repeated earlier attempts. Because you can ask yourself this question, if we saw one weapon in Campbell's hand then that may be the one that did the shooting, if you saw two weapons, who shot of the two, and what did forensic say. Asked Mc Leod if he would take lie-detector test - "yes". (learned later the guy was a Peel Regional Police), his name is Rob, he has black hair, black moustache about 5'10", hair is longish wearing tie and leather coat, he is about 35 or less. So, something is very wrong there in the statement of Joncas and Powell, I mean whatever else they did it had nothing to do with what was going on in the bar. A.: "That it was planned and deliberate." Q.: But the style was just outrageous. - not too sure how many guys came down - doesn't remember Dave - Sam Mc Reelis reminds one of a person who watched too much TV - My Parole Officer was Bill Dunbar Police onetime raided my house - they were all at my house and the phone rang - I answered the phone - it was Julie Joncas she was calling to warn me that police were about to raid my house. I saw her another time at the bar and she said she had overheard it at the bar that police would raid my house. - I was never around Bill Matiyek much - I talked to him sometimes - he dropped up to our place once - had a drink and left - mid 70's. I don't know that they came into the hotel that night realizing that that was going to go down, I don't think probably that that was the case, but... A.: Um, I really don't know, I don't think that they meant to kill him, I think they meant to teach him a lesson, I don't think that if they meant to kill him that they would have staged it in such a manner, they're too sleazy for that, they weren't up front enough to confront someone face to face, they would wait until you walked out to your truck and beat the shit out of you..leave you laying there. A.: They weren't you know, like I said, you know for that many of them to come in and kind of flaunt in everybody's face, you know, so I think it was definitely to be a confrontation but, I mean there was so much involved in that shit, Brian Brideau was the set-up man Q.: He started the whole thing eh?

Lorne Campbell, in cross-examination by Crown Counsel, proved to be an evasive and inconsistent witness. Campbell's testimony that he had previously been convicted of perjury. Foote stated that Lorne Campbell was a person well known to her. The diagram below sets out the positioning as I recallect it. At the exit I was knocked over by a person who I later learned was Gary Creelman. You could also check the Greenwood Tower Motel, it's the same thing, and it's a lot of work for maybe nothing but you may get one person. Catherine Sedgwick is the editor of the Port Hope Evening Guide. ll:08, yes, Wilson left and Mac Donald stayed, Wilson then interviewed Gillespie at the police station much later. after Wilson and Mac Donald arrived, Bill Matiyek, what was left of him was carried out of the Queen's Hotel..." Q.: Do you know by who? - to average build, sharp features, long well-shaped nose, beard with large moustache Doug Shortreed, Port Hope - 885-4184. "Tee Hee" Hoffman (David) of Kitchener was originally charged but since then police wire taps theretofore held secretly, revealed that Hoffman was in Kitchener around the time of the murder. - after the initial night Ken didn't get involved - Ken was involved in security in the preliminary - the case didn't help Sam Mc Reelis in any significant way - Mc Reelis was the only guy with rank when the new Chief arrived - the whole investigation was taken out of Ken's hands - Gary Woods knew Terry Hall very well at the time - "Woody" his nick. checked Walton's and Ganaraska for Kathy Cotgrave's car - went to book store and chatted with Rod Stewart - he has ordered a new Gerry Ball book for me, a new release from Random House - Rod Stewart bought me a coffee!!! returned to Kathy Cotgrave's -- pm no luck Visited Port Hope Hospital at and asked about records Referred to Ambulance Services - 372-2081, Tim Austin, Cobourg April 14, 1992 -- PM Micheal J. He could not remember who interviewed him from police. He lived between Port Hope and Peterborough and was at a time prior to 1978, the Editor of the Port Hope Newspaper. Q.: Well I guess there were 15 of them and they were very big men, they would have.... there were more than 15 of them, there had to be I know .... Boundy was the nurse at that time - Dave Mac Donald is pissed off at the job - Mike Connors is the O. Boundy was nurse (3) Roy Tesluk was at hospital before Bill Wakely October 13, 1992 PM Called Eleanor Wilson Asked about Mrs. She passed away some years ago., Eleanor doesn't remember who else might have worked at the hospital that night.

After a careful and thorough review of all these materials I have concluded that it would not be appropriate for me to intervene in this matter. A.: "Has it and I've seen it, held it, yep I know it because it has Bill Matiyek's name scratched on it." Q.: How was Lawrence Leon to deal with? - Bill said he was ordered to take pictures and he was surprised Mc Reelis lied - there was an O. ) course at Police College - Sam and I didn't see eye to eye - some people busted their guts - If Mac Donald saw an opportunity to get ahead he would take it - We tried to maintain the witnesses rights in the bar - - We had a certain capacity to maintain the scene - I was in the Foyer talking to Gord Matiyek - I've known Dave Hills for about 26 years - he was one of the young fellas raising shit around town. Recently: - Hoath was under the gun for awhile - Hoath hasn't had a araise in quite a time - many people are seeking to get Sam Mc Reelis into the Chief's job - Mc Reelis once threatened to plant drugs on a dispatcher to get rid of the guy - Mc Reelis -- threatens people - Hitler had his cronies -- some people will compromise for Ken Wilson, Box 473, Port Hope, L1A 3Z3 - Murray Devine is in charge of 4th. Murray is divorced twice, now lives with a non-white. - doesn't rember but thinks Devine - Devine and Earl Johns were charged - Bill Goodwin - Ken laid the charges - someone was saying some papers were missing from the box, Goodwin was stealing papers. He went with Rod Stewart and Peter Labrash over to the victim's body. Rod was trying to wrap a towel around Matiyek's head. However, from the evidence which we have gathered we believe from that we can build an attack against the Crown's case that will demonstrate that a more fundamental imperfection was put before jurists. And what about Sergent Mc Reelis, did you speak with him? Yes, I did have words with Sergent Mc Reelis that evening, I believe. April 16, 1992, PM WITNESS FILE DAVEY AFFIDAVIT I, Diane Davey, of the Town of Port Hope, in the County of Northumberland, married woman, make oath and say as follows: 1. That at the Port Hope Police Station I was told by Sgt. Davey's testimony (Perjured) suggested tht Rick Sauve was calling from a victory party.) WITNESS FILES Doyle, Gail. Vehicle plate # 216 LAJ registered to Goodmakers Auto Sales Ltd., L13 C3 Hope Twp., R. I wanted to drop by and interview Susan." Response: "I don't think she wants to talk abaout it. William Foote (SJean) * Sue Foote married and lives in Cold Springs (416) 342-3167 - her mother is Mrs. W." Michael Everett-- STATEMENT OF Michael Everett A WITNESS AT THE QUEEN'S HOTEL ON OCT. but when she said to him Leo these guys are all Choice you better call the cops he turned to the other waitress Kathy and told her not to cash out, get busy, and he knew who they were. - Interviewed Rod Stewart - he remembers rolling over Matiyek's body and hearing gurgling noises, signs of life coming from Matiyek - says he knew nothing about gun -- says he doesn't remember knowing abut a gun 'til after some months past the trial - he knew Doug Peart for a few years - he said a copper told him - don't touch that stuff, it was grey stuff -- Matiyek's brains - he didn't see a gun - he doesn't remember drugs - he had seen Bill Matiyek several times that day because he had been in the bar 3 or 4 times measuring it - Bill was getting drunker and drunker each time Stewart saw Bill - Stewart made a joke about his so called horseshoe - Stewart took our ID cards and photocopied them then returned them Aggie & Leo Roy NFY 836 - 14 Walnut St. 7th - Called Bill Matiyek's father Metro -- he won't talk at all about it -- I am not telling you no line Oct.

I am satisfied that, on the basis of the evidence put before them at trial, the verdict of the jury remains fair and justified. A.: " Not bad, not bad, and you know it was amazing about what Lawrence Leon says after all these years was that he couldn't believe they'd kill him, kill him in that way. Were they both together with you at the time or did they give the information separately? It's all very hazy." He was roughly four feet away from the deceased, but he doesn't remember the position of the body nor the position of the deceased's hands or arms. investigated with Mc Reelis, Keiser had to tell Sam to F. - Dave Hills is an OK guy thinks Bill - Bill thinks that it was all a matter between two warring bike clubs, the GHMC and the SCMC. Not only was there fraudulent evidence put before the jury to prove mens rea -- by way of obstruction, threats and corruption which is also capable of proof -- but the Crown's officers by direct and indirect actions, destroyed exculpatory evidence which would have proven the absolute lack of mens rea. That I was the person who received the telephone call from Rick Sauve in the early morning of October 19, 1978. That I was never interviewed by the police at any time. That Rick Sauve asked me to phone his wife, Sharon, and tell her to telephone his employer and tell him that he (Rick) would not be in for work that date. That Rick Sauve also asked me to tell Sharon to phone Karen Blaker and ask her to telephone Merv Blaker's employer and tell him that Merv Blaker would not be in to work that day. That as a result of this telephone call I telephoned Sharon and passed the message along. Georgina Irene Nesbitt, a Commissioner, etc., Judicial District of Durham, for Affleck, Sosna & Shaughnessy, Barristers and Solicitors. AFFIDAVIT I, Roger Davey, of the Town of Port Hope, in the County of Northumberland, labourer, make oath and say as follows: 1. Sam Mc Reelis that I would be charged with being an accessory after the fact unless I gave a signed statement to him regarding a telephone call made to my home by Rick Sauve in the early morning of October 19, 1978. That I would never have been a witness in the Bill Matiyek murder trial save and except for the threats that I received about being charged myself. Roger Davey perjured himself by saying he talked to Rick Sauve when Sauve called to say he wouldn't be at work. William Foote, 372-2605, in Cobourg, first name is Jean, her husband William is deceased. 18, 1978 April 17, 1992 AM Jeff Mc Leod left a message on my mobile phone saying I should call him. Q.: Really, really, so Leo was willing to serve them? 7, 1992 - - Bill Goodwin - 797-2520 - Bewdley - wife's name Julie - talked to her and gave Brian Michael's name XD4 816 - R.

Brian Brideau -- he phoned Sauve to get Sauve to come to bar. Mc Leod, Blaker and Hurren were found guilty of second degree murder. At trial, the theory of Crown Counsel was that the applicants, (who were members of the Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club at the material time), had entered the Queen's Hotel with the collective intention of causing Mr. The jury heard a considerable amount of evidence about the events inside the hotel on the evening of the shooting. Can be reached through 372-2195 (work) - ask for Marlene. "This happened in Ontario, the night of the fair a week before the murder. Ron Losier is a good friend of Gary's who goes to see him. A.: Yes that's right, and where did Matiyek's coat go? A.: There is a lot of people, you should really try and find out who else was in that room that night at that time and a person who might help you out with that would be Rod Stewart, because that's not asking him to commit himself on anything, to say well who else was there with you, who did you see there, and go through these people one by one, there's always a possibility that the prosecution only called as witnesses those whom they wanted to call, there may have been some other people who would have made perfectly good witnesses who were never called, they were never subpoenaed to appear. Try Bars in Ottawa to find Branson and Jones, ask strippers. "Dogmap" Gordie Van Harlem was screwing Mc Reelis's wife. " Q.: The best I can do is around ll:00, it could be ll:0l or :02 somewhere in there. Are you able to specifically recall there was another constable? - there was quite a few people at the bar I didn't know - Neil Clelland would have been close to 30 years old - Bill Goodwin used to go out with Susan Jones - Karen Blaker lives in Port Hope, she works in a nursing home. A.: Yea, I would think so, there was, well first of all, I don't know what it was really all about, if it came down to drugs and he was stepping on their turf or whatever, or I don't know what else it could be, just rival bike gangs, but they really didn't see...

Nig Carol Hunter - the "old man"s wife."Cap" Hunter is "old man" at bar, he died in late '80's. My concern is shared by other Members of Parliament, most notably the Hon. I understand that throughout the course of the inquiries conducted in relation to this case that you made yourself available to assist officials of my Department in their efforts to address the material issues. Obtained the plate number of a vehicle I think is driven by Kathy Cotgrave. Also noted from local paper that the Port Hope police chief has been charged with assault but will still hold his job until trial. I didn't know Gary was shot until the policemen came to the house and told me. The police later in court denied that they had told Betty King that Gary had been shot. I was asked do you think Gary knew that Matiyek would be shot. He was over at the Markham Road clubhouse when they arrested him. I don't know, I can't remember was it a trial by judge or by jury? A.: One of the things was, Campbell, the witness Campbell, the only one who said that Comeau and Sauve didn't do it because he allegedly, and only my memory says this, he was the one who admitted to having done the shooting, right in the court room, but the point is because Campbell at that point had such a reputation as a drug user and there was suspicion he was high on drugs at that time, that was at the time of his testimony, that the court threw out his testimony as being unreliable, because he was an unreliable witness, he wasn't functioning properly. There's an interesting question brought up by this, you remember that Campbell was testifying under the Canada Evidence Act therefore he couldn't be arrested and charged for his statements on the witness stand so had they released or cut their sentences down and merely made them accessories and tried to charge Campbell they couldn't have made the charge stick. room, I read it over and over and over again and it is so, I can't believe in the integrity of this justice sitting on the bench, not to have questioned that thing when it was his nature to take a participatory role in the questioning and yet he wouldn't question that, it is so faulty. I'm sorry." Q.: The number of hours between the time of the tenants of the police and the time that the gun was discovered. A.: "It probably just doesn't add up and never did" Q.: I makes my blood pressure go up every time I refer to it, it is just so unkeeping with normal procedure, you see normal procedure would have been first of all to preserve the crime scene yes, and to determine how the crime scene had been altered by first aid attendees and so on and its pretty seldom that an ambulance driver would interfere with the crime scene, in this case Rod Stewart was the person allegedly giving first aid, we've been told other things, but I can't make head or tails of that because according to Wilson's testimony Rick Galbraith came out onto the street and then came into the bar with him at ll:08 and when he came in he discovered and so did Mc Reelis at ll:l0 discovered that Stewart was attending at the body, giving first aid of some sort, I think the time of death was fixed at ll:l0 as well. " Q.: I forget, I think it was about quarter to ll, another thing too is that Campbell's testimony throws the times all out in terms of the time of arrival of the guys and all. A.: "No, no, I mean of course they arrived in different vehicles, in different entrances and at slightly different times, it was like quarter to or something, it was a rough approximation of when it was." Q.: Another thing, he was shot within l5 min. (10) Rick Sauve (11) Bill Matiyek (12) Lorne Campbell (13) Sonny Bronson, I asked him if Neil Clelland .. Q.: Well, there were a lot of people there who were not involved in the murder. Bill Goodwin -- telephone interview -- October 13, 1992 pm Sam Mc Reelis or Gary Woods that I know personally.

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