How to block dating sites dating welsh men

You're at school and/or work, and you need to get to a website, but you find it's been blocked. More importantly, how do you do it without possibly getting into trouble?

First of all, most schools, universities, and workplaces block websites for legitimate reasons - not just to cramp your style.

Simply navigate to Google's home page and use this command:cache: will show you this site (or any site you want) as it looked when Google last looked at it.

An anonymous Web proxy hides your identity from the sites that you visit on the Web.

NOTE: Violation of most terms of use by corporations can be grounds for immediate termination; in addition, universities and schools have rules that prohibit the non-educational use of the Web. Instead of typing in a specific domain name, try typing in the IP address instead.

An IP address is the signature address/number of your computer as it is connected to the Internet.

A Web proxy basically shields your identity from any site you're trying to access, acting as a substitute IP address so your personal IP address is hidden.

Officials usually will work with you, if the website has legitimate educational or professional purposes.

Different countries block anything to do with popular culture, sexual issues, women's resources, or politics.

In addition, companies, schools, and various organizations block sites to cut down on security breaches and boost productivity.

Most free Web proxies will also encode the URLs that you visit, making your search history virtually untraceable.

Most large sites have more than one language version of their content.

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