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element is used to set a property (or set of properties) within the Cruise Control configuration file.Properties may be set at the global level and/or within the scope of a project.Changes to any of the included file with be detected and cause the configuration to be reload, just as if they had been made to the parent file.tag is used to set the configuration for build loop posting builds information to the dashboard.If this element (or one of its parent elements) is not specified, this defaults to 1.This means that only one project will be built at a time.This feature is useful for projects that have or use dependencies.Is a modification required for the build to continue? Useful to set to false when the schedule has only time based builds or if you want to run tests to verify an external resource (such as a database).

The prefix to use when retrieving environment variables. tag is used to consolidate several configuration files into a single configuration.Should Cruise Control force a project to build if the serial file (project.SER) is not found, typically this is when the project is first added.Thus if you specify environment="myenv" you will be able to access OS-specific environment variables via property names such as "myenv. One advantage over using XML includes are that the target files are valid configuration files in their own right and not just XML fragments.Also, including projects using the tag is less fragile as an error in one file will not keep the rest of the projects for building.

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