Halloween dating ideas

You're always bound to see a few mutant pumpkins (like this one in B.

C.) and if the regular pumpkin patch isn't doing it for you, there's plenty of pumpkin-related events, like Operation Pumpkin Drop in Saskatoon.

And a classic date idea, especially when you can get there on one of those perfect autumn days that aren't too cold.

It's also a prime opportunity for adorable couple photos than you can taunt your Facebook friends with.

There may be no better time to go on a date than Halloween. If you're in need of a little more gothically romantic inspiration, allow us…Seance, if you dare It's one thing to tell a ghost story, it's another to be in it.

Some cinemas are also repurposing the classics: playing silent films with modern soundtracks, marathon screenings and hosting post-screening talks, there's plenty of new (and often inexpensive ways) to enjoy these again.Having your partner with you can be a cute and coy way to share thoughts and desires together.Plod along a pumpkin patch A decidedly safe idea for those of us who scare a little too easily.A couple's reading could tell you a lot, both who you are as people and where the relationship is headed (or maybe you just want to get some dirt like Jessi did).Psychics are always game to answer whatever questions you have — the prospects of your career, finances, sex life — through a variety of ways; tarot cards, palm readings or the classic crystal ball.

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