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According to the common tradition, Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele, the daughter of Cadmus of Thebes (Hom. 67) further mentions a tradition, according to which he was a son of Ammon and Amaltheia, and that Ammon, from fear of Rhea, carried the child to a cave in the neighbourhood of mount Nysa, in a lonely island formed by the river Triton. Besides the nymphs of mount Nysa in Thrace, the muses, Lydae, Bassarae, Macetae, Mimallones (Eustath. So thereafter this soft vesture has pleased thee, folds loose hanging and the long-trailing mantle.

Ammon there entrusted the child to Nysa, the daughter of Aristaeus, and Athena likewise undertook to protect the boy. Seated in thy golden chariot, thy lions with long trappings covered, all the vast coast of the Orient saw thee, both he who drinks of the Ganges and whoever breaks the ice of snowy Araxes.

His sacred plants were the grapevine, ivy, bindweed (prickly ivy) and pine tree. Dionysos' grandparents were the Titans Kronos (Cronus) and Rheia, King Kadmos (Cadmus) of Thebes and the goddess Harmonia. § 7.) When Dionysus had grown up, Hera threw him also into a state of madness, in which he wandered about through many countries of the earth. 23) makes him go first to the oracle of Dodona, but on his way thither he came to a lake, which prevented his proceeding any further. Come, blessed power, regard thy mystic's voice, propitious come, and in these rites rejoice." "Khthonion (Chthonian) Dionysos, hear my prayer, rise vigilant with Nymphai of lovely hair : great Bakkhos (Bacchus) Amphietos, annual God, who laid asleep in Persephone's abode, her sacred seat, didst lull to drowsy rest the rites triennial and the sacred feast; which roused again by thee, in graceful ring, thy nurses round thee mystic anthems sing; when briskly dancing with rejoicing powers, thou movest in concert with the circling hours.

Devotees of the god wore wreaths of ivy and carried pine-cone tipped staffs. He was a great-grandson of Ares and Aphrodite (Harmonia's parents) and also a distant descendant of the god Poseidon. Mastaura), who took the child to Ino and Athamas at Orchomenos, and persuaded them to bring him up as a girl. Hyades.) The inhabitants of Brasiae, in Laconia, according to Pausanias (iii. § 3), told a different story about the birth of Dionysus, When Cadmus heard, they said, that Semele was mother of a son by Zeus, he put her and her child into a chest, and threw it into the sea. One of two asses he met there carried him across the water, and the grateful god placed both animals among the stars, and asses henceforth remained sacred to Dionysus. Come blessed, fruitful, horned, and divine, and on this sacred consecration propitious shine; accept the pious incense and the prayer, and make prolific the holy fruits thy care." "[The Boiotian Bacchantes] called on Bacchus [Dionysos] by his many noble names: Lyaeus, Bromius; child of flaming fire; alone twice mothered and alone twice born; great lord and planter of the genial grape; Nyseus too, and Lenaeus and Thyoneus, whose locks are never shorn; Nyctelius, Iacchus, Euhan, father Eleleus; and all the countless titles that are yours, Liber [Dionysos], throughout the lands of Greece." "Let the people's hymn sound with the praise of Bacchus [Dionysos].

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DIONYSOS (Dionysus) was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, madness and wild frenzy. For MYTHS of Dionysos' journey to the Underwold and his apotheosis: (1) Divinity-Apotheosis of Dionysus (receives full honours as a god on earth) (2) Journey of Dionysus to the Underworld (restores Semele from Hades) (3) Ascension of Dionysus & Hephaestus to Olympus Several other stories are absent from Apollodorus' account.

The extraordinary mixture of traditions which we have here had occasion to notice, and which might still be considerably increased, seems evidently to be made up out of the traditions of different times and countries, referring to analogous divinities, and transferred to the Greek Dionysus. As far as the nature and origin of the god Dionysus is concerned, he appears in all traditions as the representative of some power of nature, whereas Apollo is mainly an ethical deity. In the local Argive legend Perseus warred with Dionysos and his troop of island women and Ariadne was killed in the fighting.

Dionysos was a son of Zeus and the princess Semele of Thebes. After he had thus gradually established his divine nature throughout the world, he led his mother out of Hades, called her Thyone, and rose with her into Olympus. ) The place, where he had come forth with Semele from Hades, was shown by the Troezenians in the temple of Artemis Soteira (Paus. The first fourteen books of the epic can be found here. The rich-haired Nymphai (Nymphs) received him in their bosoms from the lord his father and fostered and nurtured him carefully in the dells of Nysa, where by the will of his father he grew up in a sweet-smelling cave, being reckoned among the immortals.Dionysos' sacred animals were the panther (leopard), tiger, bull and serpent. Dionysos was a son of Zeus, King of the Gods, and Semele, a mortal princess of Thebes. Bearing a sceptre, leader of the choir, whose dancing feet phrenetic furies fire, when the triennial band thou dost inspire, Omadion, captor, of a fiery light, born of two mothers, Amphietos birght; love, mountain-wandering, clothed with skins of deer, Paian golden-rayed, whom all revere.The god rode on the back of a panther or drove a chariot drawn by a pair of the beasts. The god was known as the "twice-born" for his mother was slain by the lightning-bolts of Zeus during the course of her pregancy, but rescued by his father who carried him to term sown up inside his thigh. 24.) The most famous part of his wanderings in Asia is his expedition to India, which is said to have lasted three, or, according to some, even 52 years. Great annual god of grapes, the ivy crowned, Bassaros, lovely, virginlike, renowned.Zeus recovered their unborn child from her body, sewed him up in his own thigh, and carried him to term. The country of the Edones thereupon ceased to bear fruit, and Lycurgus became mad and killed his own son, whom he mistook for a vine, or, according to others (Serv. 14) he cut off his own legs in the belief that he was cutting down some vines. One of these was called the temple of Dionysus Cresius, because the god was believed to have buried on that spot Ariadne, his beloved, who was a Cretan. The god, however, on perceiving this, changed the mast and oars into serpents, and himself into a lion; he filled the vessel with ivy and the sound of flutes, so that the sailors, who were seized with madness, leaped into the sea, where they were metamorphosed into dolphins. And so hail to you, Dionysos god of abundant clusters ( "Come, blessed Dionysos, various-named, bull-faced, begot from thunder, Bakkhos (Bacchus) famed.After his birth from the thigh of Zeus, Dionysos was first entrusted to the care of Seilenos (Silenus) and the nymphs of Mount Nysa, and later to his aunt Ino, Semele's sister, and her husband Athamas. When this was done, his madness ceased, but the country still remained barren, and Dionysus declared that it would remain so till Lycurgus died. Bassaros God, of universal might, whom swords and blood and sacred rage delight: in heaven rejoicing, mad, loud-sounding God, furious inspirer, bearer of the rod: by Gods revered, who dwellest with humankind, propitious come, with much rejoicing mind." ), Bakkheion (Bacchian) king.

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