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In the 13 years since QAF hit America, much has changed. But honestly, I was not prepared for the affect that role would have.I probably thought that because I was a serious devotee of Burroughs, and Cocteau and Genet, I had a deep understanding of gay culture. And I definitely wasn't prepared for the backlash I got from those who saw me as an unwelcome trespasser.The places I went to were the worst and most terrifying I've ever experienced. At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to do as a career? Before that I never thought of acting as something that I would ever try. Many days it feels like I'm in an extended existential experiment.I really believe that seeing the faces and hearing the voices of these people made it possible for me to find a way out of the darkness. Religion hasn't been a part of my life for a long time, if ever, but I do have a new found appreciation of the principle of faith. I say that your friends and family are your anchor. I had screwed around with some bizarre 'performances' that I filmed on Super 8 for a film class I was taking at SFAI, but the pieces were super raw and primitive. I feel blessed and very fortunate, but a lot of my dreams continue to evade me...I was basically unfazed by gay culture as I understood it.But I hadn't even scratched the surface of what it means to grow up and survive being gay in America.Did you have any fears or thoughts that people around the globe would say you're not properly portraying a gay man? Well, I say that now with the benefit of hindsight.

And that was only slightly less bizarre than an actor who was testing for the character of Michael telling me he wasn't going to kiss me just before we went into the room. GH: I had enough gay friends to have taken a few spins through the happy bars of San Francisco (where I lived for almost nine years) and Los Angeles. I'd worked and lived in mid-town for a few years, so a lot of the 'social' research was already done. It seemed to me that the most direct way to find him was to underplay all the cliches. That was very freeing, and it inspired me to deflect all speculation about my own sexuality.I was incredibly fortunate to have worked with Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor. Kiss well and passionately (if that makes sense), and move like you mean it! We share enough taste in music and art to have had a real camaraderie, and luckily that evolved into a deep friendship. All I can say is that if you are fortunate enough to be playing a character who is developed enough that you can mine his or her identity-which isn't always the case-decide what or how the character behaves before and after sex. During the filming of the show, Gale declined to talk much about his sex life and sexuality because he respected his character Brian Kinney and the show.He wanted to separate his real life from his character so he didn't proclaim his heterosexuality until after the show ended. "I'm straight, but the character was too important to me to muddle his world with my private life. I think it may have helped to introduce Brian as a believable gay man. However it played, it's been out of my hands for a long time." - Gale Harold. But I was well aware of the gay lifestyle before the show. The point is, it's 2002, gay life is no longer that shocking." - Gale Harold. Gale is straight and I have no reason to NOT believe him.

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