Fun dating getting to know you games

You could even do more than one question at a time.Variations: What other ways do you like to play with get-to-know-you questions? My husband and I love to ask them to each other in car trips or on out-for-ice-cream dates. What if I pick a few questions now and we all answer them?

The cosmos is constantly in motion, and so are these graceful dancers as they skip and jump across space and time!

Have you ever seen two guys (complete strangers), both die-hard fans of the same low ranked football team with a 40 year old has-been quarterback act like they’ve been buddy-buddy since high school?

Or have you ever seen two girls (again, complete strangers), both in love with the same fictional chisel faced vampire with a clumsy human girlfriend – chat, giggle and gossip as if they were long lost sisters?

What it is: A really easy, adaptable game for all sorts of circumstances. You can all sit in a circle and take turns picking a question, reading it aloud, and then each giving an answer in turn.

Mostly it’s fun to ask get to know you questions (especially quirky or unusual ones) to family and friends. You could also take turns asking specific questions to specific people only.

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