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The programming and documentation equivalent is "fouled up beyond all recognition." Sometimes the last word is "recovery" or "reconciliation" or "reason." In a Virtual Address Extension (VAX), the acronym FUBAR has been adapted to refer to the words "failed Uni Bus address register." Some programmers apparently managed to sneak this by humorless higher-ups, and the term stuck.

Company executives vacation in Vail, Colorado every year, and have become local celebrities.

Meetup is about bringing people together so they can talk, mentor, help and support each other.Even though many members have moved on to other websites like Fubar, there are still millions of registered users who you can reach out to and send friendship requests to get to know them better.back to menu ↑ Official Site If what you are looking for is someone to date, Badoo can help you.If you are in a mood for a chat, there are public lounges where you can have some fun, or you can pick someone you like and have a private talk. Share your thoughts, pictures, music, and videos and search for people with similar interests.When you find someone you like, you can buy a virtual gift and get the flirting underway.

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