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Their father, Alden, officially holds the patent on the design.I received several correct answers concerning who invented the rear-entry ski boot.In 1984 the Hansons ran out of cash and sold the company to Daiwa of Japan.Hanson ski boots disappeared from the United States and European markets.

If you look up “love-hate relationship” in a thesaurus, one of the resulting synonyms will be “ski boots! However there are still some remnants of a radical group who thought ski boots should be easy to put on and comfortable. Alden Hanson was the chief scientist for Dow Chemical in the late 1960s.But the Hansons made some bad business decisions including buying the Hexcel ski company.Then the 1982-83 ski season was hurt by a lack of snow which translated into poor sales.To my knowledge only Alpina still advertises a rear-entry, medium-priced model now.The accepted explanation is that conventional front-closing ski boots are now easier to put on and more comfortable so there’s no need for rear-entry models. Am I the only one who doesn’t buy that explanation?

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