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When virtual porn first came on the scene, some thought it was going to be a fad. This is my review site, listing the highest quality VR sites I've found.

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Of course this is a relatively new technology and it will continue to improve over time, but unlike the early days of live cams when the image quality was crappy and the cams were slow and we were all on dial-up speeds, virtual porn is at a place where there’s some real value there.With there being some very reasonably priced options, dipping your toes into the interactive erotica pond won't break the bank. Then come back and let me know about your experiences and what you like and don't like about it.To use the site's full features, you need to allow viewing Flash content in your browser.From advances like going from VHS tapes to DVD, or the emergence of live cam sites, it really changed things for me.Actually, cam sites basically became the only kind of site I visited for years.

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