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I was in a permanent state of orgasm, almost delirious with pleasure, conscious only of the waves of pleasure that consumed me.

I'm afraid that I never once thought about my husband after my first climax, and when once I caught sight of myself in the dressing table mirror I looked a complete mess, with my hair matted with sweat and cum and a deep flush from my face to my belly.

Most of all I wanted to be fucked in my asshole, something I couldn't persuade my husband to do.

And then I wanted to wake up the next morning with my cunt and asshole red and gaping, my pussy lips swollen and throbbing, and with dried cum in my hair and smeared over my face and boobs and belly, and running down my thighs and ass cheeks.

Acting in perfect coordination, they caressed by body, running their hands down across my belly and between my thighs.

Tom started to rub my clit which was already poking out of its hood, and Dick slipped two fingers into my dripping cunt.

Throughout the evening they were so polite and considerate, making me feel like a princess, always referring to me as Mrs White and never once using my first name.

When we got back to my house three hours later their demeanor changed however, and they became assertive and dominating.

They were inexhaustible, and I have no idea how often they came, but soon there was cum running from the corners of my mouth and from my cunt down my thighs, and still they went on.I had a lovely husband, but he was often tired from working too hard.He was everything one could wish for, caring and considerate, and he made me feel safe and adored.I was so excited, and when they stripped off their denims and shirts, I almost fainted with pleasure.Oh my, they were so handsome and muscular, without a trace of hair on their gorgeous young bodies.

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