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Given an adequate lighting setup, they deliver very high quality video and audio on ANY modern computer OS without requiring any additional webcam software.

With prices ranging from around - USD there's a camera that meets any budget.

The same problem occurs with some webcams that may have a still-picture snapshot function or button to trigger movie recording.

Simply touching the camera to enable it knocks it out of alignment - and focus.

More recent cameras with Hardware-Based Autofocus have improved greatly with more responsive and smoother adjustments.

Logitech excels with very rapid autofocus response in many of it's newest generation of 720p and 1080p HD web cameras.

Web cams with an adjustable focus ring imply a bit of fiddling.

And often, just touching them to fine-tune it's focal length often knocks it out of position.

No driver install is required on modern computer operating systems.

However adjustable cams and are useful for primarily two reasons: 1.

You really need to zoom-in on an object at very close range to show someone something in detail. For adult sex xxx webcam needs you may actually want to SOFTEN the focus somewhat to take off your rough edges and smooth your flaws and bumps a bit!

USB Video Class driver compliance built into modern major operating systems makes using these UVC compliant webcams Just-Plug-It-In easy. Evaluate whether you prefer an adjustable focus, want a fixed-focus lens, or cameras that support Auto-Focus.

You may also want a webcam with Built-In USB microphone which most - but not all have.

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