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Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? : (Family Information: Relatives) DS-160: Fathers Full Name and Date of Birth Surnames Given Names Date of Birth Is your father in the U. After a trip I came back and we continued messaging but already as a couple, I can't fully express all my feelings here, I was in love.... As for now, Julia has just came to me and I’m spluttering with delight when she's next to me... I spent all my spare time at work, so the only way to find someone was the Internet or a miracle.hope my next post here will be about our wedding, I promise to attach a photo!!! I googled different sites, registered on several, but ultimately I stopped at Foreigngirlfriend. (Travel Information) DS-160 : Purpose of Trip to the U. Intended Date of Arrival Intended Length of Stay in U. The reason is that, hoping to find faith and responsibility in relations, they often get disappointed, failing to find it in men from their own countries.This is why they start looking online for a foreign spouse who could provide them with serious and lifetime family relations.

Pesron(s) named in 14 and 29 who will follow you to the United States at a later date. List dates of all previous visits to or residence in the United States.

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Home Address Street Address (Line 1) , Street Address (Line 2) optional , , City Postal Zone/ZIP Code Country/Region Mailing Address Is your Mailing Address the same as your Home Address? ( No, )Primary Phone Number (, , , )Secondary Phone Number Work Phone Number Email Address email Next: Passport. (Passport Information) DS-160: Passport/Travel Document Type REGULARPassport/Travel Document Number ( )Passport Book Number , , Does not Apply ( )Country/Authority that Issued Passport/Travel Document , Where was the Passport/Travel Document Issued? City State/Province *If shown on passport , , , ( )Country Issuance Date Expiration Date Have you ever lost a passport or had one stolen?

Single girls are attracted to the site for various reasons.

First of these are the high chances of finding a match: men from abroad are often viewed by single East European girls as faithful and reliable partners.

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