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Other studios soon followed MGM's lead when it became clear that the public's opinion of the Code had changed.

Also in 1966, Jack Valenti was elected MPAA president with the specific promise to move from the Code to a ratings system, in theory based on the age-appropriate-ness of the film.

Lots of pre-Code films have a surprisingly feminist slant; working women are even regarded with sympathy and affection. Wellman's (1933) shows a Shell-Shocked Veteran returning from World War I falling into morphine addiction.

One particular pin-up image was created specifically to see if someone could break every single Code provision in a single still.The "Paramount Decision" (read more about that in Fall of the Studio System), among many other things, ended the ability of the "Big 5" (MGM, Paramount, Fox, Warner Brothers, and RKO) studios to own the entirety of movie production, distribution, and exhibition.The major studios sold their theater chains, which meant they technically lost all say in what could be shown in those theaters.But even in the period of the worst censorship, several films and directors managed to subvert it.The Preston Sturges comedy is a case in point; the film stars Betty Hutton as a good-time girl who gets impregnated by a GI Soldier and gives birth to seven children.

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