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Then an ex girlfriend who grabbed my penis anytime it was possible to play with it just for the joy of having it in her hand, hard or soft.

Well I never complained :) except that she never wanted me to give her oral ever.

Je vindt onder het knopje informatie een lijst met begrippen die je uitleg geven over wat het inhoudt en wat je ermee kunt doen.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

I guess drinking urine would hurry up your inevitable death .you were in say a desert... As I said above a FWB wanted to pee in me & have sex & om each other I was going to pee on him no turn on for me but I never did. AND for a jelly fish sting u gotta get someone to pee on it right away to keep the pee down.

an option that may be desirable.wait you said jungle didnt you.a jungle there are a multitude of sources for life sustaining moisture .a jungle your biggest threat is other animals/insects/reptiles .. But as a sexy act nahhhh.i dated a guy that only wanted to do oral on me right after i got off work or shopping he said that he loved the musky smell of me i did what he wanted but i just wanted to take a shower first to be honest Once had someone SO into oral.

One time some kid on a skateboard swerved to avoid an exploding turd and took out an old lady using a walker, another time, a turd landed in a baby carriage...ah, good times, good times.

She was into having me hold her breasts in bed at night when we cuddled.

Well I was happy with that im into drinking blood as a sexual and regular thing every day want besides some bdsm desires.

She'd drop her pants and hang her butt over the side and let the turds fly.

Luckily her aim wasn't all that good and one time when it was probably going to be a direct hit, she took out an unfortunate pigeon who was flying in the wrong place at the right time.

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