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The photos help the Eagle Board of Review members better understand your project and it will be easier for you to discuss the project if you can show them the actual work in progress and the final results.

Many companies have a budget for donations to organizations like Scouting and a small thank-you can help them understand the value of their donations and encourage them to continue helping future Eagle candidates.

You may consider several sources for funding, including the organization for which you are doing the project, donations from others, from your allowance, from your parents, or any other legitimate source.This is not to say that service to the community is not important, just that leadership is equally important.Hopefully you have been a member of a boy led troop.Get a current copy of the Life to Eagle Packet, which includes the BSA Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (BSA 512-927), from the council office or from one of the troop leaders to use in preparing your plan.As you decide how much detail to include, try making a goal that in your absence, a friend or another Scout could successfully work the entire project, doing only what was written in your submitted project plan.

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