Example of consolidating excel workbooks

The code will delete all the sheets from the Active Workbook except the first sheet.

You should declare sht as Worksheet as you know that this variable refers to the Worksheet object.

Usually this piece of code worked before I added in the Selection Change code block. Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim ws2 As Worksheet Dim lng Rand As Long Dim rng1 As Range Set ws1 = Sheets("Format") Set ws2 = Sheets("IR") If Intersect(Target, Active Cell) = "Insert line" Then lng Rand = Active Cell.

Value = contor End If End If End Sub Where I put the commet "here's the error" it gives me "Select method of Range class failed" What am I doing wrong? Cells(12, 18)) 'extend rng1 from column A to colum N Set rng1 = rng1.

The tutorial covers two most common scenarios: consolidating numeric data (sum, count, average, etc.) and merging sheets (i.e. The quickest way to consolidate data in Excel (located in one workbook or multiple workbooks) is by using the built-in Excel Consolidate feature. Supposing you have a number of reports from your company regional offices and you want to consolidate those figures into a master worksheet so that you have one summary report with sales totals of all the products.

As you see in the screenshot below, the three worksheets to be consolidated have a similar data structure, but different numbers of rows and columns: To consolidate the data in a single worksheet, perform the following steps: As you see, the Excel Consolidate feature is very helpful to pull together data from several worksheets. In particular, it works for numeric values only and it always summarizes those numbers in one way or another (sum, count, average, etc.) If you want to merge sheets in Excel by copying their data, the consolidation option is not the way to go.

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