European union law updating supplement text and materials

With the admission of ten European nations to the European Union in 2004, and Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, the EU has become an even more prominent economic power in the world. Alford’s guide is intended to aid infrequent users of EU materials in locating sources of its law and official documents.This guide is intended for the researcher who infrequently needs to research European Union (EU) law or related materials or to locate EU official documents.

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Because the EU is a major trading partner with the United States, knowledge of EU law will become more widespread as this organization takes a more prominent role in international trade and international affairs generally.

The following descriptions of the principal institutions of the EU focus on the legal activities and structure of each.

The necessarily brief treatment makes this section so simplistic that the descriptions border on being misleading.

Europa provides links to the Web pages of the Consisting of the heads of state (presidents and prime ministers) of EU members, the European Council meets twice a year, usually in January and June.

The President of the Council (having a six month term) hosts the council meeting.

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