Effy and freddie dating in real life

: Okay, so Belle and Eric Matthews are a crime-fighting team aided by a naked mole rat with the voice of Bart Simpson and the kid from Smart Guy.Said team fights Bender, Joan of Arc, Professor Utonium, Guru Pathik, Khan, Remy the Rat, Sookie St.I mean a REAL developement, which good writers would have handled. But didn't you know that not cheating on each other is WRONG!This way you would never get an endgame, no, you HAVE to cheat on each other and only this way it may turn out that you both are randomly going to Harvard in the end Cook could have had sex with women who considered him their type. That's why he is a womanizer lol He simple was not Effy's type and in REAL life a guy like Cook would just be like whatever now I'll go do someone else instead. And nothinf EVER in the world can make me believe that S3 pilot Cook or any drinker/player/womanizer might end up whining and acting so pathetic over some chick if it is not a tv-drama. And Skins followed every single tv-drama cliche ever existed. Yeah i dont separate the writers from the character.

On the upside, the second generation received lots of critical acclaim for its treatment of lesbian Super Couple Naomi and Emily.

lol it's like when people say Freddie always abandons Effy when she needs him like, I mean seriously they wern't dating he wasn't gonna run around saving her, which is exactly what he would have got hated on for anyway if he did try to rescue her all those times...... When someone is constantly trying and doing everything and then making mistake out of being confused or tired everyone is screaming bastard, while when there is someone else who does not do ANYTHING ever he doesn't get any hate. I mean, come on, wasn't it Freddie ALWAYS there for everyone?

Oh, I am also a big Frook fan and I think writers, our sweet writers, effed up another complecated yet interesting and full of potential thing that Frook friendship was.

This way, readers can discover new roles by the actor.

(2007-13) is a British teen drama set in Bristol, England and commissioned by Channel 4 in an attempt to put more homegrown (read: sexy) talent on television.

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