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talking And'^erheard^^Lodks— that-typioa W -spxingji ; Memphis- c ;5— My. SL— Washington in Re- - view, 8—Th Js_Is Tom Jones " 4— WTj TSonne U TTSt^ET-Fcsttvat- _ 2SL — My Three Sons 4- Judd 11— Gunsmoke ' ' ,"2B— My . A-rrand jury indicted* them or 38 cha rges of 'criminal syndical "ism.

news "corf re ren L-e Tiic a cluy^ night lor the purpose of determining how much opposition the proposal would generate from Prote- stants. The .costliest shelling of 7*' - town killed ono .child and' wounded 12 other South VIetna- ■ mese — civilians — a(^-Da1ati — a - ^ Ccntrnl Highlands resort 140 miles northeast of ■Salgonp spokcsmen-sald ; — , — - — War communiques . llassnnoln Ilalknl, editor of inml official Cain uowipa- in absencn - of furiltcr retirarch. Such a decision would open up Iho 1 courts In every" English speaking nation A» a long nnd cvu Mincndlnif sorlen nf court c Bsan based on an unproved nnd so far uhsuppuricd allegation that .•XYY ' complflmeiit affccln behavior," ' The Judge, will ■ aonlcnca Tanner March 37 -on bin original pica of guilty ' ip, "|bo as Kautt Charge. .which took o—lwavy— toll — of American warplnnos fleeted' In Iho total U. '2,603 RUPERT— The Rupfirt Chom- l»r of Commcfc Q'fi'Baard-of-Di' rectors havo Issued a resolution requesting — that— tho— M Inidoku Memorial -Hospital facilities be maintained as nriglnully Intend- ed by the taxpayers, Tlio resolution came as a .re- sult of recent discussions "of a merger between the Rupert unit gnd thu Cassia Memorial Hospltul, 1 ' Tlio resolution slated, "Tito Dnnrd or Directors Of the -Ru* port— Clmmbor™ of— Contiitoreo- strongly, rucbmmcwlii that tho Minidoka county Coilimlsnlon* urn maintain full hospital facili- ties In Rupert for Mlnldokn County aboriginally intundcd by tho taxpayer." Branch Train To Camas Has Woes With Frozen Dri T Fs T : ril CHFIELD — The Richfield branch train to I f alrfleld aiid Hill City ban been having as much trouble , making Itit mnn tho past few weeks an, any time during thu winter, Frown, drifts ID In 12 fedt deep four miles norlhwent of Rfcltfleld stopped the - train again Inst Friday anil It was stuck there until Monday, Grabbing a"~snnwipohlli» rldo out-to-Mo- tliolrulii-was~a-hla attraction for many Rlchflclil rosldcnts'Sunrtny, With tho train op tho tracks iho rowan no way lo wallt Iwsfde It without nlnking In snow, although some people drove to tho Fradr^kshn ranch and walked to t|»o tracks. Arvln Founder, Richfield sec- tion-foreman; has used hlir snow- mobile cqnsldurnbly nn tho: Job of moving lite train, Ho took thu general road mailt cr,' O, Swectr Shoshone,' out to (ho aiid to check danger spots where snow has blown In huge drifts. Tlio worat snow block won 13 mflui from JUch- fleld, The crow left Hlcpflold about' n,m, and returned ut-lli SI) p.m.

The commertls came at a hear- ing conducted by the Hoyse Coiin- tles-and.: , Municipa U-lcs__. Don" Adams," Kootenai County commissioner and chairman of the legislative -committee _for PW-Members Hear Speech At j Regular Meeting '" Llnda-tctvlji, the Twlri" Fall8 Business nnd Professional Wo- ' men's" "'Glrls*~Slnto delc Rnte, spoke to the club at'. slonnl armed f Orcos,,_n Beautifulrlyn''caiplrnrjetuous7and"irrepressively-roi tic played with pure 1 968 passlonl" PLAYBOY ''ARRESTl NGr Frfteer Tyo or old -Olivia d 17 year bid -Leonard Whiting are -such-stuff as dreams are made on! nrale Mibjccls and Is hi'Ct Hll Jni a nioti Hl LT," . : PS-203 —Idaho s Wte Histprl Ttaa^froctf N ' Boise. o Lulrliasoa T-flyriar-Jo'nlan' and - 1 rati,— He Nitld mich an ngrccmont /ould enable Russian - built the heart of Israel. The train won roralled and backed to tho Richfield ntailon un Monday. JI1W train trpublo, t 'Tho" directors'- also-rccom-- mend -that- the-county-^ommis-- — . __^l Lurllicr^-lf_tho— Ititaraot-Tof — the Minidoka County and proper operation of, the Minidoka ' C.lunly Hospital under- n Joint ndmlnl-itrntlon can not'bo main- _ mined, • then tho board of dl« , rcctorn of tho , Ruport Chamber- of Commerce urges that a «op« vr - ratc-udnilnlstrntfon bo appolnwd— ~ for tho Minidoka County -Hos- 1 pltol. reported '.— no major r-ground-'fightlng In r - progress.— TTrr Theyr^sa Jd^ — U« s - . ■[■*.'' .' ' ' • _ Normitl luimnnn hnvo two nex chromosomes; In womon'"XX'" ■rid In men "XY." or Al Ahmin nmt n frequent lu Auer apokeaman, also called ir Iho Eglrpllnn unc. Ho hsuled ''frogs'^ up to train engine Id uno In roraillng the truln and tixik men back nnd forth. Tliuy made thu regu Inr-rutf-to- Ketchum-Thurs- lay without difficulty, ■ Pounder nnd two men.' Kollb Swalnston and Hurley Polo, and novoml Shoshone men wero with Hie train Wednesday and had ut- most more 'shoveling snow 4hnn tttoy woro ablo to do,-'* - ~ Wlion tb^Wiidgo plow on front of tlio train "rlo Wilt H «'D-B "cat" usually pecils to bu brought In (o rerall, High winds norlh-bf Rlobf|e Id Wednosday- plght and Thursday k«pt- snow drifting, In railroad cuia-.wllh-.a: ptomlfl O of .. Joint Commit - tec on Accrcdltfltiotmnidspl- Is, Including intensive care; "Tho Hoard further feels that somcuof tho press releases and,_ public slatemonts on tlm- pro- posed hospital' merger have been '" detrimental' to (honest Interests B community and tbe opera- Hon- of tho Minidoka County ho# pkai. , NIXON TO TRAVEL WASHINGTON , (UPI)— Proniduo^Nlxon will fly to'Key Illseayne, Fin., tonight for a weekend of relaxation, i— -* — - JUST A DRO£ IN THE BUCKET daicrlhai low ioii of a Tlrtlti. Bui Voulll («o|I« liuckatt ol tuih whan you tail your "rion'1 . merle Norman cosmetics CRIPPENS BIG SCOOP -ICE CREAM BLUl lakis stlorri Na center — MAa fourth ^of the nation's- land — * — a rca , — e xcl ud in g — M aut oi L— and. month the biggest snow accu- mulations cv6r will be turning to water and overtaxing, the ,. -* is working with local officials in' threatened, areas across thhe — ; — country~~to — brace: — foi — the— arid'; the Dep_aj 'lifted -*i Urban Development and Tran.s- ;portatlon~' along- . ate their victory over the Arabs in the -sixtday war.

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