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All that is needed at this point is for someone, anyone to push the first button and as they say, the rest will be history.It’s a well-established fact that proofreading your writing can be a very painful task.This will create a very dirty nuclear fallout situation.An air burst detonation will still destroy buildings and everything on the ground from its shock-wave (within a blast radius), but it will not pulverize the soil and ground like a ground burst detonation would.Some maps are older than others and might not represent some of the changes which have occurred since their publish, but they are still interesting to examine, especially relative to one’s own location…Nuclear Radiation Detector – Geiger Counter 5 Nuclear Radiation Detector Choices No one will win a nuclear exchange. Lets hope that none of them ever are in control of ‘the button’.Looking at it again however, there are likely several additional (potentially safe) regions here and there. How Many Nuclear Weapons In The World The approximate official world score… Once filled, the gland “turns off” its absorption mechanism, and it will remain off long enough for the radioactive iodine to disappear naturally.12,000 (Russia) 9,400 (USA) 300 (France) 240 (China) 225 (UK) 90 (Pakistan) 80 (India) 80 (Israel) 10 (N. This method of protection is extremely safe and effective, and up to 99% of all radiation induced thyroid damage can be avoided by the use of i OSAT™.

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The elites in control of all the world’s technology and resources.

A third wave would likely involve strategic bombers mopping up what’s left.

The first and second wave could be all over in minutes to an hour (point being – it will be fast).

Out of curiosity I searched for maps that would reveal nuclear targets in the United States, and I’ve posted them here for your interest.

(See below for more maps) The nuclear targets map shown above is one that I put together based on a number of factors while looking at other maps and data including military installations, nuclear weapons storage and silo locations, bases, cities, etc..

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