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Morgan, Robert, "Telegraphic Personalized Instructional Packages For Students", Journal of Education for Social Work, pp 91-101, 1975. 1992-present Member, Florida Alliance Against Domestic Violence1998-present American Association Social Work with Groups1989-present Consultant, Social Work Division, Comprehensive Health Care Clinic, University of Miami 1986-88 Member, Executive Board, CCDHR1986-88 Chairman, Professional Development Committee, CCDHR1983- Member, Executive Board, CCDHR1982-83 Chairman, Professional Development Committee, CCDHR1981-82 - President, Community Committee for Developmental Handicaps and Retardation 1981 - Member, Professional Advisory Committee, United Family & Children's Services1977-80 - Member, Professional Advisory Board, Marian Center1974-80 - Member, Grant Review Team, Community Committee for Developmental 1974-81 Handicaps & Retardation1971 - Participant, Search Committee for Dean, Barry College School of Social Work1971 - Coordinator, Social Work Division Program, Preschool Migrant Children 1969-79 - Member, Dade Association for Retarded Citizens1969-71 - Coordinator, Program for Culturally Deprived Children, Marian Center 1966-80 - Member, Council on Social Work Education1966 - President, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Chapter, NASW1962-present - Member, National Association of Social Workers 25. Lauderdale2005- Conference at Lodge, Domestic Violence Shelter2005- Immigrant Women Conference, Camillus House2005- Human Subjects Research Conference, University of Miami2005- Capstone Conference, Florida International University2005- Promotion and Tenure Faculty Meeting2005- Pediatric Faculty Meeting2005- Training Committee Conference (Monthly)2005- Orientation Lend Students2005- Children in Crisis Consortium Conference2005- Pediatric Social Work Committee Meeting2005- Adult Development Presentation2005- Children's Home Society Community Conference2005- Domestic Violence and Sexual abuse Retreat 2004 - Heart of Social Work Award2004 - Social Work Planning Meeting2004 - Barry University Student Conference2004 - Conference Regarding H. Miami, Florida2003 - Anxiety and Fear in Domestic Violence Families2003 - PAIRRS Community Evaluation of Domestic Violence. Other works, publications and abstracts: "Story of Ruth", a publication to assist women in Domestic Violence. Other works accepted for publication: Morgan, Robert, "Videotaped Personalized Instructional Packages For Students in Health Care Settings", Journal of Education for Special Work, Spring Issue, pp. Morgan, Robert, "Interdisciplinary Practice", Proceeding of the 1978 Tri-Regional Workshop on Maternal & Child Health Services, pp. Morgan, Robert, "The Battered Adolescent: A Developmental Approach to Intervention", Proceedings of Second National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Volume II, pp 343-48, 1977. Funded Research Performed (include all grants received in the last five years, identifying the principal investigator, and the amounts and dates of the awards): None 23. Professional and Honorary Organizations: 2004 03/26 Miami Dade County Public Health Trust Appreciation Award2003 12/01 Barry University School of Social Work Award: significant contribution to Social work education 2003 - Chairperson, Pediatric Social Work Committee2002 Director, Social Work Program Victim Advocacy Center, September thru December 20022002 Social Worker of Year Selection Committee 1999 to present Member, Training Committee, Mailman Center 1993-present Member, Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups.1992- Member, Silver Society.1992-present Member, National Association of Social Workers.1992- Member, American Association of Mental Retardation.1992-present Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Award as President; Community Committee for the Developmental Handicaps and Retardation26. Other Professional Items (Presentations/Workshops/Participation):2006- Morgan Pediatric Social Work Group Meeting2006- Pediatric Faculty Meeting (Monthly)2006- Children's Trust Meeting2006- Supervision Master's Degree Person for Licensure (Weekly)2006- Conference, Faculty re Students, Barry University2006- Conference, Faculty re Students, Florida International University2006- Presentation to HIV Kool Kids re Domestic Violence2006- Consultation with Training Director re Social Work Coordination with Family Div.2006- Lend Conference re Role of Social Work, Wash. C.2006- Morgan Pediatric Social Work Group Meeting2006- Supervision MSW in preparation for Licensure (2 separate persons)2006- Pediatric Faculty Meeting2006- Expert Witness, Domestic Violence Court 2006- Social Work Presentation, Barry Social Work Students (3 occasions)2006- Supervision of 9 Social Work Students (weekly)2006- Conference with Attorney re Client2006- Conference with Mexican Migrant Graduate Student2006- Couple to Couple Counseling Ministry Meeting2006- Ethics Conference, University of Miami2006- Awards Luncheon, Miami Rescue Mission Homeless Ministry2006- Participant, Capstone Conference, Florida International University2006- Conference re Safety Resource Network2006- Presentation, Mailman Friday Conference2006- Safety Resource Network Luncheon Conference2006- Conference FIU faculty 2006- Conference on Bullying2006- Presentation, Catholic Theology Society2006- Presentation, The Institute of Evidenced-Based and Best Practices2006- Complete to July 1, 2006 2005- Heroes Program for Women and Children in Domestic Violence2005- Supervision of Mexican Migrant Graduate Student2005- Conference : Women's Fund, "Immigrant Women's Employment Opportunities"2005- Supervision for Licensure, Master's Degree Candidate2005- Social Work Grand Rounds Conference 2005- Social Work Month Presentation, Alamo Courtyard2005- Social Work Grand Rounds Conference Presentation, Spirituality Dimensions in SW2005- Barry University Alumni Conference Participant2005- Ethics Conference, University of Miami2005- Performance Improvement Management Course, University of Miami2005- Marital Counseling Program Award2005- Domestic Violence Conference, Ft. and Domestic Violence2004 - MUJER Conference2004 - Heroes Group Work Program (9 weeks)2004 - Meeting Regarding Budget2004 - Faculty Meeting2004 - Conference on Conflict Resolution2004 - Conference on Problem Solving Skills2004 - MUJER Conference2004 - HIPPA Meeting2004 - Pediatric Faculty Meeting2004 - Marriage Counseling Course2004 - Florida International University Student Conference2004 - Division Directors Meeting2004 - Barry University Student Conference 2004 - Domestic Violence Community Meeting2004 - HIPPA Training2004 - Supervision, SW Licensee2004 - Division Directors Meeting2004 - Planning Conference, Social Work2004 - Heroes Group Work Program (9 weeks)2004 - Domestic Violence Community Meeting2004 - Migrant Children Groups (9 weeks)2004 - Division Director's Meeting2004 - Marriage Counseling Course2004 - Social Work Student Orientation2004 - Marriage Counseling Planning Committee2004 - Domestic Violence Lecture2004 - Planning Conference, Social Work2004 - Tenure and Promotion Meeting2004 - Marriage Counseling Course2004 - Social Work Grand Rounds2004 - Training Program Conference2004 - Division Director's Meeting2004 - Billing Conference2004 - Domestic Violence Community Meeting2004 - Migrant Program Field Day2004 - Conference Regarding Infant Mental Health Program2004 - Conference Call Marriage Counseling Course2004 - Florida International University Student Conference2004 - Marriage Counseling Course2004 - Barry University Student Conference2004 - Planning Conference, Social Work2004 - Pediatric Faculty Meeting2004 - Heroes Group Work Program 2004 - Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse Meeting2004 - Pediatric Faculty Meeting2004 - Billing Conference2004 - Children's Trust Meeting2004 - FIU Workshop2004 - FIU Workshop2004 - Training Committee Meeting2004 - One Stop Shop Meeting2004 - Social Work Luncheon Conference2004 - Mujer Conference2004 - Presentation On domestic Violence Division Of Children and Families2004 - Barry University Conference2004 - Barry University Group Conference2004 - Pediatric Social Work Conference 2004 - Division Directors Meeting2004 - Billing Conference2004 - Social Work Breakfast Conference2004 - One Stop Shop Meeting 2004 - Barry University Policy Meeting2004 - Discipline Directors Meeting2004 - Friday Noon Presentation2004 - Billing Conference2004 - Barry Alumni Conference2004 - Mujer Conference2004 - Pediatric Social Work Meeting2004 - Billing Conference2004 - Mujer Conference2004 - Mujer Conference2004 - Infant Mental Health Meeting2004 - Social Grand Rounds Meeting2004 - Pediatric Social Work Meeting2004 - FIU Conference Meeting2003 - Family Justice Meeting2003 - Women's Fund Meeting2003 - Pediatric Social Work Meeting 2003 - Billing Conference 2003 - Division Directors Meeting2003 - FIU Conference Meeting2003 - Training Team Meeting2003 - Barry University Conference2003 - FIU Conference Meeting2003 - Ethics Conference Meeting2003 - Pediatric Social work Meeting2003 - Genetics Meeting2003 - Division Directors Meeting2003 - Billing Conference2003 - Training Team Meeting2003 - Billing Conference 2003 - Mandatory Compliance Meeting 2003 - Pediatric Social Work Meeting 2003 - Billing Conference2003 - Conference Regarding Termination2003 - Catholic Committee On Domestic Violence Meeting2003 - Tenure Meeting2003 - Trust Fund Meeting2003 - Infant Mental Health Meeting 2003 - Training Committee Meeting2003 - Billing Conference2003 - Division Directors Meeting2003 - Billing Conference2003 - Skills for Service Delivery Seminar, University of Miami, Florida2003 - The Heroes Journey, Using the Archetypes of the Hero, Miami, Florida2003 - Planning with HIV populations.High School, presented to Dade County Adult Education, Miami, Fl.1987 - "Parental Reactions to Handicapping Conditions", Parent to Parent of Miami, Miami, Fl.1986 - "Sleep Disturbances in Early Childhood", Having Babies After Thirty Parent Group", Miami, Fl.1986 - "The Use of Family Therapy in Child Abuse Cases", Alabama Convention on Child Abuse.1985 - "Dealing With Family Failure with the Learning Disabled Child", Broader Opportunities for the Learning Disabled, Channel 17, Miami, Fl.1985 - "Viewing Social Work Through Time", NASW Florida Chapter; 10th Annual Conference, Orlando, Fl.1983 - "Social Work Treatment of Encopresis in a Prepubertal Male", Lecture, Psychiatric Residents, Department of Psychiatry, University of Miami Medical School, Fl.1983 - "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Serving the Developmentally Disabled Individual", Workshop, Community for Developmentally Handicapped and Retarded, Miami, Fl.1983 - "Imparting Positive Attitudes in Mentally Retarded Adults", presented before First Statewide Developmentally Disabled Conference, Tampa, Fl.Miami, Florida 2001 - Catholic Committee on Domestic Violence. Miami, Florida2001 - HEROES Program Mailman Center.Miami, Florida2000 - PAIIRS Conference, Miami, Florida2000 - Presenter - Sexuality Workshop, Miami, Florida2000 - Presenter - Human Growth and Development Workshop, Miami, Florida2000 - Presenter - Conflict Resolution, Miami, Florida2000 - Presenter - Domestic Violence. Miami, Florida2000 - Research Study Regarding Domestic Violence.High School presented to Dade County Adult Education1989 - "Ethnic and Cultural Variations in S.Florida's Minority Population", AAUAP Annual Meeting, October14th-17th, Baltimore, Maryland.

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1987 - "Peer Counseling and Peer Support", Miami, Fl.1987 - "Parents are Persons, Too, You Know", presented to Florida Council of Parents Cooperative Pre-Schools, Miami, Fl.1987 - "The Crisis of Child Abuse", Early Childhood Educators, Miami Sr.

Family Court 1997 - YWCA Fund Recipient 1997 - Understanding Domestic Violence 1997 - Training Students in Retrieving Funds for Victims 1997 - Planning Meeting re: grant 1997 - Meeting, Catholic Committee on Domestic Violence 1996 - Defining MCCD's role with courts 1996 - Children in Domestic Violence Homes 1996 - Children of Domestic Violence: Pro Bono Attorneys 1996 - Children in Domestic Violent Families 1996 - Conference and Court Judges 1996 - Sexuality in Marriage 1996 - Committee on Domestic Violence: Catholic Church 1996 - After Separation: What Is It Like?

1996 - Planning Meeting with Feinberg Elementary 1996 - Use of Archetypes in Domestic Violence 1996 - Planning Meeting re: Barry Students 1996 - Planning Meeting: Black Family Symposium 1996 - Role of MCCD and Courts: Washington D. Group 1996 - Marital Therapy 1996 - Defining Domestic Violence Program to Judge from Minnesota1996 - Assisting in Cleft Palate Program 1996 - Meeting of Alliance for Domestic Violence Planning Meeting with DIP 1996 - Use of Archetypes with Domestic Violence Children 1996 - Planning with Rex Art Supplies 1996 - Domestic Violence Overview 1996 - Meeting with John Jamieson re: Heroes Program 1996 - Domestic Violence Content to UCP Staff 1996 - Presentation on Child Abuse1996 - Lecture "The Hidden Threat of Domestic Violence"1996 - Presentation "The Art Of Relating" 1996 - Presentation "An Overview of Domestic Violence"1996 - Member, Catholic Leadership Committee, Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence.1996 - Supervisor, Medical Students on Domestic Violence, University of Miami School of Medicine1996 - Member of Dade County, Alliance Against Domestic Violence1996 - Presentation to Florida Nurses: "What is Domestic Violence? Community Programs in Domestic Violence1995 - Channel 36, Impact of Domestic Violence on Children1995 - Florida International University, Cojoint presentation with the Domestic Violence Program of Dade County Circuit Court1995 - Catholic Social Services, Presentation, Overview on Domestic Violence1995 - New Jersey Network, T. Program on Domestic Violence1994 - Presentation, "Use of Archetypes with Children from Homes of Domestic Violence"1994- Presentation, Domestic Violence, Radio PAZ1994- Participant, Job Fair, Florida International University1994 - Presentation, HRS Graduate Students of Florida International University "Archetypal Figures in the.

High School presented to Dade County Adult Education1990 - "Family Interventions with Child Abusing Families", Miami Sr.

High School, Dade County Adult Education, March, Miami, Fl.1989 - "The Crisis of Child Abuse", Miami Sr.

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