Diabetes dating service

These tips come from our very own Mini Med Ambassadors, shared last Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I have been together quite some time, so I understand what it’s like to live with someone who has diabetes.

I don't take insulin so can't comment on that aspect, but I do test in front of Mike, it doesn't bother me, doesn't bother him.

He married for sickness or in health 31 years ago this June, so this is the sort of sickness part I don't ever intend to lose him or date anyone else so I can't imagine myself in the dating situation.

I try to be discreet partly as I don't want to upset anyone who is squeamish but more because I don't want to answer lots of silly questions from people who ask if I'm going to pass out if I haven't taken my insulin (I'm not on insulin in any case) or tell me how important it is to eat or not eat or generally fuss over me. Obviously, he is a great partner and very understanding when it comes to my diabetes. I never had issue's with dating and diabetes but my moodiness broke a lot of relationships up, I just thought it was part of my nature, but considering back in the day my a1c's were in the 11 and 12's no wonder why i pushed a lot of guys away, can we say cranky......

People with diabetes have unique needs that may seem foreign to others and diabetes plays a large role in their daily lives when it comes to diet, activities, exercise and more.Who better to understand these needs than another diabetic? We stand strongly behind the cause, and provide support within the diabetic community,” Myatt adds. Members create a profile, upload a photo, and begin building relationships with other members within the Diabetic Singles community.After becoming a paid member, Diabetic Singles will donate 10 percent of the fee towards one of five diabetes charities that have been predetermined by Diabetic Singles; members choose from one of the five. I don't make a big issue of it, but I did ask my colleagues first if anybody was squeamish about blood. If they did have a problem, to be honest I would still do it anyway, it can be very discreet.I would not test in the washroom, for hygiene reasons. I test quietly at my desk and had been doing so for about 3 months before I mentioned it to my two colleagues on my shift. Jerry- I am sure that you will find a great lady who can appreciate you regardless of diabetes.

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